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A child facing old age for the first time

Submitted: May 02, 2011

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Submitted: May 02, 2011



Thank You for Calling Today
She was old, she was wrinkled and looked very vague
As she rocked in her chair by the door.
I felt very nervous, I must admit,
As I'd never met old age before.

I was only a child, of seven years old,
And grandparents I had none,
But I was a Brownie and had to be brave,
Although I wanted to run.

She reached out her hand
And beckoned me close
And slowly I moved her way,
She spoke very gently, with a voice very clear
She said "Thank you for calling today".

I gave her the flowers that I had just picked
And slowly sat by her chair.
She told me that when she was seven years old,
She wore satin bows in her hair.

I forgot about wrinkles, as we talked
And we laughed, she told me her family were few.
The don't call too often, she said,
So you see, it's wonderful talking to you.

I called everyday but now without fear
And a true friend she turned out to be.
I'm so glad that I called all those days long ago
Because now that old lady is me.

As I rock in my chair looking wrinkled and vague,
I hear a tap on the door,
A Brownie stands there looking nervous,
She hasn't met old age before.

She hands me a bouquet of flowers,
I smile and her fears melt away
As she moves slowly close
I speak very clear and say, "Thank you for calling today".

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