The Cluster

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Submitted: December 02, 2012

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Submitted: December 02, 2012



The Cluster

Everything burns through the November night.

A heart shackled, jaded, and hidden from the light.

Inner truth locked up, thoughts of the blacked out kid.

Painful memories and emotions of the shit he once did.

Any way out of a fronted life, he would take it. 

Broke back with a blunted eye, he could shake it.

Ruined dude with his settings on glory.

A cant stop wont stop to a dying story.

The untold tale of the mutha fuckin prince.

A kid lesser known, yet unforgotten since.

When a dream meets the monster, the demons left south.

A cockblock on a path, ready with an open mouth.

If I could live like this, a life with no worries.

A stress free enviornment, a book of humbling stories.

 But can someone answer one thing? Just one of lifes questions.

What the fuck are we doing? Who the fuck made lifes lessons?

With all the shit going down, in this country right here.

Who the hell made the rule, that I can't drink my beer?

I'm running for president, I'm ending this shit.

So jump on board, or your bound to get bit.

A single lone kid just throwing his fit.

Running down the tracks just waiting, to get hit.


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