Yesterdays Forgotten

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Sleepless motivation

Submitted: March 26, 2013

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Submitted: March 26, 2013



I don't wanna regret, one thing or two.

As I write lost in the thought, of needing you.

Walking the wrong way but somehow you found me.

Lifes answer is simple, the bold from two and three.

What we have you and I, may be something.

But without the will to try, can be nothing.

Even the strong miss the shots they fail to take,

passion trumps logic in the world of heartache. 

This is my story of a girl, I'm praising.

A piece of paper trying to say, your amazing.

Deny me, and tell me I don't stand a chance.

I'll come back, even sweeter with a new stance.

You haven't read this, yet I'm already scared, half to death.

A marathon of miles, my persistence, stronger with each breath.

I may be stubborn, mean, and out of my mind.

But the vision of us, could give sight to the blind.

I'll do anything you ever dreamed to be completed,

Goo Goo Dolls get me heated for a task unrepeated.

I'll pull the moon closer, and stop time where it stands.

Because living in the moment for a dream, is in our hands.

I think maybe one day we should be together,

completing your life would be nothing but a pleasure.

I know I should say goodbye before I say hello,

because perfections denial is the meanest blow.

I write words hoping they strike with style, to the most beautiful thing that I've seen in a while.

This is much more stress to stack on my pile, but I'll be happy if I atleast, could have made you smile.

It's about time to bring this confession to a close.

You're so fuckin cute... now lets see where this goes.

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