Marinia 7 Part 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Science fiction space story.

In Parts 1 & 2 our intrepid space\\time explorers Dave and Pete landed “The Leeds” space\\time-ship on the ocean planet Marinia 7. There they met a flying dolphin called “Fast Fin”. She took them to a nearby M-type solar system and then onto spiritual Heaven (in their spirit forms).  On the way back, however, they found themselves on the wrong planet and even in the wrong bodies. Dave was now a humanoid alien called Krella and the others were Krella’s soldier colleagues, all hiding in some war bunker. Krella himself was now in Dave’s body on Marinia 7…


Dave (otherwise known as Krella), was a picture of concentration. He was sitting at a console, effectively flying “a missile”. According to the monitor in front of him, that deadly machine was flying towards a great city. Standing behind Dave, giving instructions was an alien humanoid ironically named Pax. To one side of them, more to the rear, were Dave’s co-pilot Pete who had occupied the body of an Alien called Jobbra. Next to Pete was flying female dolphin Fast Fin, now an alien titled Extroth.

Unknown to Supervisor Pax, Fast Fin was acting as interpreter. With her telepathy she was reading Pax’s mind as he spoke aloud to Dave and then translating instructions directly into Dave’s brain. Dave’s replies were then sent into Pax’s brain. Mostly this worked fine.

Dave: “There? But that’s in the middle of a civilian area! How about here?”

He aimed at some buildings which looked very much like a military base.

Pax: “No! Not there!”

Pax put his “hands” to his collar and anxiously loosened it.

Dave: “What?”

Pax: “Veer off! Veer off!”

Dave: “Why!”

Pax: “It’s going to hit us! Veer off!”

Realisation swept over Dave’s face like an incoming tide. Quickly he veered the missile away and back up. Satisfied that it was flying away from them and gradually higher, he let go of the controls.

Dave: “What the hell’s going on? Are we bombing our own people?”
(Fast Fin’s translation might have missed the exact flavour of this).

Pax: “You know full well we are, Krella. What’s wrong with you recently?”

Fast Fin: “He seems to have amnesia, Pax. You’ll have to explain it to him as though he were a little child I’m afraid.”

Pax: “What? I’ve never heard anything like it. Have you reported this to the medics?”

Fast Fin: “Yes. They advised to keep his condition under wraps so as not to cause any alarm. I am instructed we are to fill in his gaps for him. I’d rather did the honours in this case Sir.”

Pax: “Okay. Krella. Listen. What you have to remember is that we are critically overpopulated. These attacks are a means of culling the plebs. (Plebs is one translation, could have been chavs, low-lifes or anything similar). We tell them that we are at war with the Togruns and put the blame on them. You are doing a great job controlling that missile to meet the wishes of our great leader.”

Dave: (sarcastically) “Well that’s all right then.”

Suddenly Dave and Pete found themselves laying on a soft floor. Then they heard a dull thud. A few feet away was Fast Fin. The original Fast Fin! She looked shocked. Then she composed herself and floated back into the air.

Dave turned and saw Pete. The real Pete.

Dave: “Pete?”

Pete: “Dave!”

They were back. At least in their bodies. Fast Fin held a frown of concentration.

Fast Fin: “Yes we’re back boys.”

Dave and Pete: “Thank God.”

Fast Fin: “Those soldiers created quite a rumpus here. That’s why we are in this cell. Someone is coming to release us.”

Pete: “You mean, they occupied our bodies?”

Fast Fin: “Yes.”

Dave: “Where have we been?”

Fast Fin: “As far as I can tell, we have been to what you would call another dimension or alternate universe.”

Pete: “Well I’m bloody well glad we’re back. ‘Culling’ their own people that boss-guy said.”

Dave: “Indeed. But can we really criticise them? Remember your history lessons at college Pete.”

Pete: “Like Iraq, Syria…”

Dave: “Yeh, and what they did to their enemies, well…”

Fast Fin: “Don’t beat yourself up boys. It’s the future that matters now. We’ll be out in a minute.”

Paul Butters

Submitted: July 20, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Paul Butters. All rights reserved.

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