Sailing Away

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Thinking on a sleepy afternoon

Submitted: March 17, 2009

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Submitted: March 17, 2009



Instinctive Writing - Sailing Away
I'm sitting above a quiet bay in Glendowie (quite a discovery), listening to Cicadas and birds, and letting ideas flow. Down in the bay, a man about my age is working on his boat. A little trailer sailer, nothing flash, but unusually rigged. As I drove down the road to come here, I caught a glimpse of a small tan gaff rigged sail. I groaned, it looked so pure and simple and beautiful. I couldn't help it, it was instinctual, unplanned. And I immediately felt guilty for wanting, something. It's about 16Ft, old, rough, fibreglass. Small enough for one person to handle, big enough to sleep in.
He's leaving. Pulling up the anchor and walking it out into the bay. Is this the best moment? That quick breath, the last look around before you let go and the wind lifts you away. Don't go too soon, don't stay too long, but savor the moment. The pause before release.
Is this where we are to live our lives as humans? Are our lives lived as that breathless pause before we let go and the wind lifts our lives away forever. It's so easy to let go too soon, to rush for the release without being ready. Or to hold on in fear. Always getting ready, never letting go. The pause is really so brief before the forever and you never know when that puff of wind will come to take you.
We live in the pause between the now and the not yet.

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