The first Words Written

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I was sent a love letter once. Circumstances meant that the there was no way I could respond as I wished.

Submitted: April 20, 2013

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Submitted: April 20, 2013




The Words
I read them once
and they burst into life
Flooding my world
With energy and excitement.
I read them again
And every syllable burned
With meaning vibrating through it
Opening my mind
To possibilities and nuances.
I hid them away,
Only to open them once more.
But the pause had left them tainted
separated from their first blush
held prisoner on the page
A cage for ideas that cannot live.
Still I read, over and over
To find that in each reading
The meaning soaked further, 
Deeper, away, out of reach
More beautiful but still less alive.
Disconnected from action
Submerged by life 
And I put the words away
Smiled hopefully and remembered
that very first rush. 

© Copyright 2018 Paul daniels. All rights reserved.

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