After fear of a terrorist attack at home, Americans go into mass hysteria. Through all the madness and violence, the rich men still stand tall in an illegal arms trade to anti-Muslim hate groups.

America 2024, still on unstable grounds with the Middle East, no one is safe. Well, that isn't entirely true with the socially elite. But, it’s too early to talk about that at this moment. Once the rumors of both Al-Qaeda and ISIL operatives were living and training in the U.S., her citizens went into an intense panic. The fear was already installed in their minds. The brutal beheading videos still held a supreme, nagging, and fearful dianoia over the people who had the unfortunate chance to view them. Also,  the story of Muslims butchering a British soldier, made people of authority wonder if that could happen to them. Months after the initial fear set in the new persecution of American Muslims began. Several religious and ethnic cures were thrown about to anyone who openly identified themselves as believers of Islam. As the hate and fear began to rise the riots began. Entire hate groups were formed to “protect” their fellow Americans from the “Islamic Swine”.

Molotov Cocktails were thrown into Mosques even while people were worshiping and the perpetrators would sometimes seal the people inside the burning building or let them run out, burning and would ether shoot them on sight or poured for flammable liquid on them. Most the heavy artillery, such as submachine guns and other assault rifles were paid for and given to these groups by wealthy tycoons, businessmen, and various people of the upper class. This problem soon became nationwide and the government had to find a way to protect people, who were indifferent to the issue. They first sent in military personnel to possibly set the members of the hate groups back. And it did work, but the groups still lived on. They then decided to move both lower and upper class people to section of the country that was not ravage by the riots. Even though they were away from battle being waged in the streets, the rich men and women still supplied ammunition and weapons to both protect and destroy Muslims and to just end the war quicker. They were able to maintain a monopoly in the illegal arms trade and got richer and richer. Even away from the battles, they were still soldiers of the trade and controlled the tide of the war, as weapons are concerned.

Because, the government was putting all their attention in the riots the problems in the Middle East remand unsolved, and were cast away to the side. Even though many people still talked about the troubles in the Islamic states, it wasn’t talked as much as the riots based on rumors. We can’t just let a vicious rumor that could have been fabricated and let people kill each other over it. If it is a rumor than all of these weapons were brought in for nothing and the tycoons who sold them are now criminals for nothing. Why do we as people let ourselves be scared by something that hasn’t been proven by anyone? Are we just that cowardly that we will accept anything that is said on the news? As a functioning society we cannot let an unproven rumor judge how we act and responded to it. This war is absolutely pointless and silly, and we should be more intelligent when we invest money to a cause that may be pointless and not be bigoted when invested money into it. This irrational fear is eroding our society and we have to do something about it or bring ourselves into a national downfall, but the ones who will survive that downfall will be the rich men who gave money to a quicker societal damnation. 


Submitted: December 22, 2014

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