Armand Amusement Park

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A boy and his older brother visit a unique Amusment park

Submitted: November 27, 2012

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Submitted: November 27, 2012



Anthony a five year boy, about to go to an amusement park gets out of the car most of the family is still tired his mom and dad starting to argue about something he doesn't understand his two older sisters still sleeping uncomfortably but his older brother already out of the car and by his side wide awake with a smile he hadn't seen for some time Anthony's big brother peeked at the car and told him they should run to the park ahead of the family big brother then took from his back pocket two tickets and gave one to Anthony to put away, looked both ways the. Jolted holding Anthony's hand nearly sprinting from the bizarre medley that is the parking lot of an amusement park. Family far behind and now the entrance filled with the defining sound of tourism the babies crying the food eaten the repetitive music in the back ground it was all to familiar to the boys but something was different big brother was excited and grinning almost uncontrollably Anthony hadn't been to the park since he was one and would have preferred going to Disney but wanted to see his brother happy he was at odds with his brothers reaction he had not seen him so happy in such a long time Anthony didn't like the idea of the park but all his brother would do is heap praise on it all night and day the line carried a pungent smell water fountains and cigarette smoke and stretched for miles but near the front admittance gate were four portraits Anthony recognized a picture of Abraham Lincoln and Jesus but not the other two he asked his brother and at first he looked up pinched his forehead and turned away but he looked back saw Anthony looking down His brother lifted him up and snuggled him apologized then pointed to the pictures Abraham Lincoln the great emancipator freed the slaves of the United States next to him Martin Luther King Jr the man who helped lead the U.S. to become a true place of equal opportunity the third picture which Anthony's brother looked at with mixed emotions but mostly contempt a picture of John Lennon next to a picture of Jesus now at the front of the line taking tickets was a girl a few years older leaning against the counter half awake popping gum and taking tickets and finally the two brothers are in front of the line Anthony hands her the ticket tells him he's cute and says out loud Anthony coming in and hands back the ticket but big brother on the other hand brings up to the girl why John Lennon is there instead of Gandhi he said with a pinch of superiority she responded with a smile looked him straight in the eyes and said John Lennon's music helped bring people together she then lowered her voice to a whisper while Gandhi was friends with Hitler then immediately took his ticket punched it and handed it back right before he was forced into the park by the huge line she called out Welcome to Armand amusement Park Paul where History is what you make of it.

Chapter 2 Gift Shop Anthony looked at his brother his happy demeanor had vanished and left only the remains of what once was. Anthony's brother Paul was now talking about Ghandi to Anthony explaining how he interacted with Hitler to stop the war. Anthony didn't understand what Paul was saying .After several minutes he had cooled down looked up and saw the line up of stores but one stood out the roof of the building was the canopy of a tree that looked as if it grew straight from the building. The front of the building announced pretty easily it was selling books and the door way to the left Edgar Allan Poe and to the right Dr Seuss with the cat in the cat by his side Anthony and Paul rushed past trinkets and toys to the actual book section Paul quickly started to purse the aisle with over head pictures of Shakespeare Twain Hemingway and J. K. Rowling and a smaller picture of Ann Frank over a bookshelf. Anthony not interested in Paul's books wonders about the tree from outside and notices the branches are built into the roof. Anthony follows the branches to the source at the very back of the store stands a mighty tree trunk with a small hole with a light at the end he looks closer and closer gazing he reaches in but falls down the rabbit hole. First fear swells inside falling through the dog door like contraption. Children sitting around an old women with a little girl dressed as Alice on her lap.The room filled with playing card designs and a calming blue sky. The children were laughing at the absurdity of the book which was enough to attract Anthony to the book reading within minutes Paul entered the room with panic in his eyes which quickly turned to relief he noticed Anthony enjoying the reading sat down and listened to the tale for a few chapters but decided that had better head out Paul thanked the women picked up Anthony and the women offered him a copy of the book but the little girl with a giggle said he had a copy in his hand Paul was impressed by the observation \" good job carol hehe she wants to be a detective \" Paul just nodded and wished her luck while Anthony tried to avoid eye contact by pressing his face against Paul to hide. Above the cashiers counter was a portrait of Thomas Jefferson writer of the Declaration of Independence. The cashier a twenty something with an up beat attitude scanned the book but quickly starts to look at Anthony and takes out a small white shirt with three eagles on fire with an American flag in between. He offered the shirt without any sense of code talking about how it will scare people bring luck and attract girls Paul was able to get the cashier down from 20 dollars to 15 for 2 crazy American flag shirts they put the on over their regular clothing took a step outside and noticed half the park was wearing the same shirt

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