Love is amazing

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The power of love!!

Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Submitted: May 20, 2012




Love is amazing!!


Any one who laughs at any one who shows love is truly laughing at them selves  because them who show love are Strong beyond compare.When you love it is not confined to them that you would choose but open to all who are in need of love especially those who would laugh at love.For to know love is to first love yourself and if you can not love yourself then it is impossible to love another and this posses  a serious question to us all.There is only one way in love that is the right way no other way. When you truly have love in your heart, it will never fail you , nor will it ever let you down. For it is high and mighty and it is the closest reality that anyone will have and can have to god spiritually.


Love is without question the only way to truly understand one's self and leaves no doubt as to who you are, it is your true identity and who you are will never change apart from the fact that you will grow naturally to become you and who you are will be amazing. As the saying goes, love will conquer all and that I will confess is the fact. Only them who truly love will have experienced it's strength and I am sure that they will always love. For once you know real love you will never depart from it's wisdom and knowledge, for to love is to teach yourself to understand everything that truly matters and in short nothing matters more than love.


Love will conquer hate, love has conquered hate, for if you truly know love there is no room for hate nor the ignorance that only hate will manifest. That is to say that to love you can never hate it is impossible. Love is everything hate is not. Love is peace with in, it is courage ,it is strength ,It is understanding, it is true sight, it is passionate, it is forgiving, it is caring, it is visible, it is natural. It is everything that you will ever need, not want, it is amazing.


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