Love Wins

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Submitted: July 13, 2018

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Submitted: July 13, 2018



Love wins


Tonight I'm reminded again 

by my brothers and kin

that no matter what happens

Love wins.


I see my brothers and sisters

although they do not look like me

I see they feel

and talk

and move

and breathe.

As they sing joyously 

that no matter how much hate they take

they win the day because they 

can shoot back with love.

They shoot back with love.

They shoot back with love

that was born from above 

then shattered over us and wrapped like a hug.


You see when God sent that dove 

to say this is my love 

He wasn't just speaking figuratively.


Any time we meet hate 

we can dissipate or we can

clean that slate 

with love.


They say one shot fired 

is the result of one action desired 

by one man who is tired 

and has lost all desire 

to love. 


But I tell you my brother 

that one shot or another 

is not the product of one man 

but of many others. 


It's any man, woman, or child 

who never stopped and smiled 

to let this man know 

that his pain was mild 

compared to power of love. 


It's the society that failed to see 

the desperate need for a community 

developed and maintained unconditionally providing love, hope, and a family.


Our shooter, 

our brother 

will see no options other

than hate.


Hate for the ones who could possibly be his only honest, good, and true 

adoptive family. 


So when you stop and see

another story on tv

about another precious life taken senselessly

don’t stop in your pain,

scream out in vain,

and point your blame 

on one who never came

to feel love.


To feel loved.


Perhaps we failed him 

as much as he hurt us.

Perhaps our decision to not make a fuss means we fail any brother

who looks to another 

for reassurance or a lover 

and finds hate. 


Perhaps instead of spreading the blame

we should ask why our hate came

and infected our world so negatively.


If we pause just a second 

I'm sure we would reckon

that what we see externally 

is what we fear internally 

and all have to try to be 

is love.


Be love.


Be a kiss not a shove.


Because no matter what we all believe

one thing we can agree to be 

is patient, understanding, and positivity.


Be the light you were born to be

and trust relentlessly 

that all lights in the darkness 

do not always see

their reflection mirrored back 

so easily.


Shine bright lightning bug.

Burn like a candle of love.

Be the warm gentle hug 

and know that God up above

will take that love 

and work miraculously.

Infecting every human 

that we come to see

because one person said enough 

and stood persistently


“this day and all days I will always be God's love.” 


For when we stand in solidarity 

proclaiming our good charity

hate and fear will barely be 

any more than memories

as our hearts beat unitarily 

to the one beat that will never be



than love.

© Copyright 2018 Paul Thiemann. All rights reserved.