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tis a scene

Submitted: July 25, 2011

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Submitted: July 25, 2011



Exilon was the eldest of his race for a reason, He was wise.  He used his power sparingly so he could live to advise the young fools in the council.  He was a kind man, the only wizard to be kind in a long time, and his hands shook with the power that demanded use.  In his old age he was beginning to slip and use his power more often. His eyes had become an opaque milky white and he was getting concerned, so when the thief caught him asleep and laid the knife to his throat, he didn’t use his power.  The thief gave a merry chuckle and took the knife away.

“Don’t bother with the screaming old man, everyone knows you don’t use your magic.  Scared of death? Not going to talk I see, I’ll just take your possessions and be on my way.”

Exilon was tired and he was an old man.  This young fool used his magic for such frivolities as picking old men’s locks. He had had it with the world and all the council and the other wizards could burn.  They stepped on him and treated him as less than dirt because he used his power for necessary things. He was done.  He opened his mind to the cosmos and the flow of power within and without. 

“This is the last time I shall be stepped on,” he said.

The thief turned around. “What did you say?” he sneered.

“Die,” was all Exilon said, and the thief did indeed die.  His body imploded with the weight of Exilon’s power. His blood sprayed across the walls and floor.  His body, crushed and flattened, hit the floor. That was when the power took over.  The river of stars and galaxies in Exilon’s mind faltered and then turned into a whirlwind of fire and chaos. In the center of the maelstrom a black figure emerged and took control of Exilon’s body.  Nameless and the only one of his kind, the demon stayed in the mortal world, for Exilon’s father was a secret worshipper of a cult of mad wizards that wanted the demon’s release. He had placed counter enchantments on his son, which allowed the demon to enter Exilon’s body.  The demon took in his surroundings.

“Thank you,” he said to the body of the thief, “now I bid you rise.”  His demonic power opened a portal into the coil of the thief’s body, and another demon was born.  The scecond demon looked at his new body and roared with laughter.

"Did he anger you brother?" he asked with a bloodstained grin, "No matter, heal mine corporeal flesh." The words came out in the sibilant hiss of death, the roar of an inferno. The two demon’s shared an evil laugh and sat well into the night planning their control of the wizards, and the downfall of mankind.


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