A Deadly Serious Sat Nav

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a funny story with my satellite navigation kit on the motorway

Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013



Perform a U-Turn when possible

Gentle, persuading, Oozing confidence

I almost abandon my final defence

I am so used to obeying her every command

With steering wheel held, tight in my hand

Eyes fixed ahead, unblinking, unwinking, unseeing

Hurtling along, a sleek 2 litre being

‘Perform a U-Turn when possible’

More insistent and somewhat less charming

I find her attitude a little alarming

But I’m sure I know best, I’m sure I am right

She’s manic, obsessed and ready to fight

There’s a film of moisture poised on my brow

I think I can win but I’ve no idea how.

‘Perform a U-Turn when possible.’

A more demanding, less tolerant tone

Reminds me that here I am never alone

A huge lorry limps on with tarpaulin a flutter

Great plumes of spray thrown up from the gutter

He steals a glance as I slide by

A determined driver with steel in my eye


Oh If only I could

Then I most certainly, definitely would

Pull to the side and turn about face

Swallow my pride - hang head in disgrace

But I can’t let her take me, in with her tricks

I can’t make a U-Turn, not on the M6


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