Sometimes a little whisper

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About my inner struggle

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



Sometimes a little whisper
sometimes more of a crowd
the constant, endless talking
can make you cry out loud

For God's sake take a minute
take a breather take a rest
don't talk to me this way again
don't put me to the test

I've carried you inside my head
for the best part of my life
you taunt me, call me, plague me
you cut me like a knife

I'm done with bleeding
done with bending to your will
it's time to have some quiet
it's time to just be still

Can't you see its late
don't you know I'm tired
it's my time to be me
time to be inspired

Sometimes a little whisper
sometimes a little jeer
I don't need you in my mind right now
I can't stand to have you here

Yes I know it's hardly perfect
only barely rhyming
and you don't need to talk to me
about my sloppy timing

I like it just this way
so keep those comments to yourself
it's just another random poem
to put on my top shelf

All I want is peace and quiet
just me in my own space
so shut up, shut up now
and get out of my face.

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