A simple poem

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Once again I couldn't think of a title so I called it A simple poem ^^

Submitted: March 31, 2016

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Submitted: March 31, 2016



With hair of gold and eyes of grey,
Her smile and laugh makes me stay,
Another night and another day,
No-one will and no-one can chase me away,
She keeps sane like no other,
My emotions are no longer under cover,
I am not strong like my brother,
I am soft just like my mother,
Is this love or is it lust?,
I do not know as my heart is dust,
Maybe some day from the ashes,
My heart will rise in flashes,
Like a flash of lightning or a flash of light,
I am blinded by the brightness,
Of her smile and her soul,
She overwhelms me with her might,
I am surrounded by her lightness,
And her so called rightness,
I do not know her goal,
All I know is I am not whole,
And so I end this poem with a few questions.

1.Is she the one for me?
2.Or is this fantasy?
3.Am I hallucinating as I succumb to sorrow?
4.Will I find out today or tomorrow?

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