From behind vacant eyes

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How I sometimes see this world.

Submitted: March 31, 2016

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Submitted: March 31, 2016



On these wings of black I roam this earth, searching for souls of worth,
Forever destined to be alone I walk this path of darkness, 
Am I to suffer for eternity in this bitter harshness?
The heartlessness and depravity of my own mind I am held captive,
Forever in solitude I am lost without a clue on what to do anymore,
With wings of white she appears in a flash of crimson light,
My angel with her innocent eyes and playful nature,
Had struck a chord deep within my soul,
Will she be the key to unlocking my heart?
Will she be the one to repair what was torn apart?,
My faith in mankind and it's unseen horrors,
I talk not about what the eyes can see,
I talk about the hidden despair behind,
Fake smiles and false friendships,
From behind these vacant eyes I do believe,
That some day I will find that special one,
And I will find the courage to defeat the deceit,
So wait for me my special one before I come undone.

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