Dream of Love

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A woman has lost the love of her life. She feels as though she can't deal with it until she gets an unexpected visitor in her dreams.

Submitted: April 17, 2008

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Submitted: April 17, 2008



“I can’t…I just can’t do this anymore.” I sobbed into my best friend, Jenn’s, shoulder.

“Aww, honey.” She said softly as she rocked me back and forth comfortingly. The only other sound that could be heard over my sobs was the patter of the soft rain on the roof of the round gazebo where we sat looking out over the lake. It was our favorite spot as it had been since we met back in high school. We felt as if we had been through everything together and now I felt ready to give up on everything.
When I finally calmed down and my sobs turned to whispers, Jenn lifted me off her shoulder and stared me right in the eye. Then she spoke in that soft, warm tone she gets every time she helps me through something. It’s the same tone my mother used to use with me before she died.
“Kate, hun, you’ll get through this. Jessi and Ryan need you to get through this. They need their mother to be there.”
I knew she was right, but my stubborn head made me fight it. “It’s just so hard. They remind me of him so much.” I got up and went to stand at the railing overlooking the lake. I watched the water lap the bottom of the gazebo only a few feet below me.
“I know, babe, but I’m here along with everyone else you know and love. We’re all here to help you through losing Jack.”
“It was just so sudden. I-” but I was but off by the familiar rumble of a car coming up our gravel driveway. We turned to see who it was.
“Oh my God.” I whispered. “It can’t be.” I was looking at my lost husband, Jack’s, old Jeep. The one he died in. The one he was now driving up my driveway.
I was too shocked to do anything remotely human except just stand there stupidly. Words caught in my throat as I watched Jack get out of his car and make his way down the hill towards me with that all to familiar stride. My eyes searched his whole body, looking for any sign that he had been in the car crash that killed him. He was dead, yet here he was walking towards me.
When he got closer I noticed his face. There was something different hidden among his round features. The change wasn’t huge, but there were small subtle differences that only I could pick up. Separate, there changes meant nothing, but together they made him look different, almost like he knew something serious that no one else should.
“Hey, Katey-bear.” He said. To anyone else, he would sound absolutely normal, but again, I could pick up the tiny strain on his smooth sweet voice that meant he knew something.
“Jack.” I managed to whisper. He was now under the gazebo with me, staring into my brown eyes. I ran my fingers through his short dark brown hair. He leaned down slightly and I felt his sweet lips touch mine. For a moment, I forgot everything, and just gave into his kiss. When we pulled apart, I stared into his deep blue eyes, searching for an answer. “How-how? You’re dead.” I whispered, slowly regaining the ability to speak.
“Oh, you do remember. I wasn’t sure if you’d remember or not.” He said. His eyes wavered away a little. I knew there was something he wasn’t telling me, but I figured it would come soon enough.
“How could you think I wouldn’t remember that the love of my life died?!?” I asked practically yelling at him.
He smiled and tried to stifle a chuckle. “Honey, this is a dream. When people are dreaming, they sometimes forget what’s happening in the real world. You’re right. I’m not really alive. I am dead. And right now, you’re sleeping on Jenn’s shoulder in this gazebo.”
“But…but…how? Why?” I stammered. I didn’t understand. How could I?
“I’ve been watching over you since I died. You’re not doing so good at all.”
“You think! You left me! I mean, I know you didn’t have a choice. It was just so sudden. I thought we were gonna be together forever. I just miss you so much. I know I have to be strong for Jessi and Ryan, but I can’t live without you, Jack. I love you.” Obviously my loss for words was gone.
“I know all that, hun. But you have to get over it. I know I sound cold and mean, but trust me. If you don’t get over my death, everything will go farther down hill than it already has. At worst, you kill yourself.” At this my eyes hit the ground. I couldn’t deny it. Right after Jack died, I had thought about dying just to be with him again, but I knew I couldn’t leave the kids. I also knew doing that didn’t give me a guarantee to be with Jack. Tears started to wet the ground as Jack kept talking. “Yes, I know you wanted to be with me. But doing that won’t get you to me. The only way you can get to where I am is to live your life out the rest of the way. You have to make sure Jessi and Ryan have good lives, even without their father.”
I looked back up at him as he continued, “Here, take this. Don’t lose it.” He reached down and took off a ring. It was silver. A cross was etched on one side and our names were engraved on the other. Little diamond hearts encircled the whole thig.
“Now, you’re going to wake up soon. Just know this: I really will always be with you and the kids. Just put a little faith in yourself. You will make it through this and we will be together again. I love you. I always have and always will.” With that he took me in his arms and kissed me one more time. I gave into him, not wanting him to leave…
I jolted a little when I woke up. I was on Jenn’s shoulder, just as Jack said I would be. I looked up the driveway. The Jeep was nowhere in sight. I knew it wouldn’t be there, but I wanted to be sure. I sat up and felt something in my hands. The ring. I thought. I looked down and sure enough, the ring Jack had given me in my dream was there. I put it on and smiled.
“You okay, Kate? What’s that?” Jenn asked, concern lingering in her voice.
“It’s from Jack. And I’m better than okay.” I said as I got up and walked out into the rain. I knew she was confused, but I’d explain it to her later. For now I wanted to feel the rain on my skin. I wanted to feel alive. I ran around in the rain like a little kid. Jessi and Ryan must have seen me from inside, because soon they were in the rain with me. We got Jenn out from under her cover and then the four of us were running and playing and just living. I knew Jack wasn’t far off watching us. I knew I loved him and always would. I knew I would miss him, but more importantly, I knew everything was going to be okay. I knew we were going to get through this and see Jack again someday.

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