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Friendship is the bond in love and life...

Submitted: April 25, 2008

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Submitted: April 25, 2008



It’s the key to love
It’s the key to life
It’s the bond that holds the earth in place
It makes up all the little things
In the bigger picture we call life
It is the wind beneath a bird’s wings,
The wild horse and eagle race
Across the open span of green plains.
It is the soft rain as it falls from the gray clouds,
And the distant roll of thunder followed by silent lightning.
It is moon’s steady pull on ocean’s tides,
The star’s brightness against the black sky.
It is a hunter and his trusty dog,
And a pair of thieves stealing away into the night.
It is the hug that tells us everything will be okay,
The kiss that lets us know how much we are loved.
It is the silent slipping of gold bands on fingers,
And the cozy shoulder to cry on.
It’s what widens the perch on which peace is so precariously perched.
We sometimes take it for granted.
And even when we feel it’s gone,
We hang on to any sliver of it that might be left
Because without it, we are the living dead.
It exists over long distances and in close range.
It gets us through the hard times
And shows us all the wonders of living life.
It’s the key to love
It’s the key to life

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