The Daughter of Buk Ettemsuch

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This is an African story about a girl. So, we had to play it and I made the script.

Submitted: June 03, 2009

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Submitted: June 03, 2009



The Daughter of Buk Ettemsuch

Act 1 – The Witch

Witch: (evil laugh ; Looks at a bottle of potion) Hah! This is a terrible potion! It’s been years since I have eaten the flesh of the men! Now, it’s time to taste the thick blood flowing out from their bodies, when I prick them with my knife! Oh, it just makes my mouth water! And the hot and steaming intestines from their insides! What a feast! It’s not even comparable to a gazelle’s flesh and blood. Now, now is the time! When that Old man leaves his daughters, I will kill them all and eat their flesh, and I will not leave any leftovers. For I will never taste the blood of the young ones anymore for I will be gone and will die someday. Now, you Old Man must take good care of your children for they will face death, Once! And for All!

Act 2 – The Daughters

Mia: I am the first daughter, and so I will be on the lead. We’ll be finding that ball as soon as we could.

Maria: But Mia, We should find the doll’s head before anything else!

Emma: We should agree on one thing. The doll’s head or the ball?

Esmeralda: We must find the doll’s head first.
Becky: I agree. The head must be talking right now.
Nessie: But what should we do with the ball?!
Lou Ann: As they say, keep the ball rolling!

Mia: Oh, as you say, I vote for the doll’s head. Now, let’s start the search and whoever finds the head first, will be given the whole doll, Do you all agree?

All: Yes.
Mia: Then, follow me.
(They are comically searching)

Father: My Daughters! What are you doing? Searching for something?

Nessie: Yes, Father. We’re actually finding the doll’s head.

Father: I think I’ve seen it but…
Lou Ann: What’s with the bags?

Father: Lou Ann, and to all of you, my daughters. I will now be departing from this house. But surely, I’ll be back.

Emma: How Long? And, where? Why?

Father: It’s a long story my daughters. I just hope you will not open this door as soon as I leave. And when I’ll be back, you will be safe. Three Years, my daughters, I’ll be on a journey for Three Years. I hope you do as I say.

Esmeralda: Yes. Father.

(The other daughters cannot answer. Because they know, they’ll surely miss their father)

Father: How ‘bout the others?
All except Nessie : Yes, Father.

Nessie: (Exploding in tears) Father, I’m gonna miss you, Please, Be Safe.

Father: My baby, Nessie, If you could take care of your older sisters and as well as yourself, I will be prouder of you. Don’t think of me, I’ll be fine. Bye for now.

Act 3 – The Disobeying of the Daughters

Becky: You, my sisters, do you smell the smell of fresh vegetables?

Emma: And fresh fruits, must I say.
Lou Ann: And freshly slaughtered meat!
Esmeralda: We’re in for a tasty treat my sisters!
Maria: Good thinking, sisters! It’s really mouth watering!
Mia: And sure tastes good! Let’s go out!
Becky: Sure!

Nessie: What do you think, you are doing? Did our father said that we don’t leave this house until he comes back?

Becky: Oh c’mon!
Mia: You really don’t want to do this?

(Then Mia sprang at her and struck her, Maria spit at her, Emma abused her, Esmeralda pushed her, Becky flung her to the ground, and Lou Ann tore her clothes; then the sisters left her on the ground)

Nessie: My sisters! Why did you do this to me? Why did you want this to happen to me! You just disobeyed the command of our father; you didn’t pay respect for him! You’ll see what this will brought back to you! Destiny is revenge…

Act 4 – The Witch’s Feast

Maria: This soup is gonna be the best soup we’ve eaten!
Becky: Since we’ve been eating crackers in two years!
Esmeralda: Don’t be impatient, this soup is about done.
Mia: Nice. I hope this is not our last delectable supper!

Witch: Hello Young Ladies, do you mind giving me some food to eat?

Lou Ann: Surely, Madame mozel, We are cooking soups for tonight’s feast, if you want you can seat.

Witch: What nice of you, young ladies. I thought you were seven, why are you lacking?

Emma: She died. Hahaha!
All: Hahaha!

Witch: (Stands Up and takes off her hood) Well, you’ll all die, next to her! And by eating your flesh, I will grow into a big fat bolster.

(The Witch ate all of them)

Witch: I promised my self to leave no one, and I will find that young one! Wherever you are, don’t show yourself, because if you do, you’ll not survive!

Act 5 – The Ogre’s Castle

(Nessie is seen, searching for somewhere to hide, until the Ogre came into seen and finds her sneaking)

Ogre: Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum I smell the scent of you young lady!

Nessie: Please, please, don’t eat me, please, I beg you Mr. Ogre!

Ogre: Who says I’ll kill you and I’ll kill him…
Nessie: You will not kill me?
Ogre: Why will I?
Nessie: Why not?

Ogre: Because I’m a good ogre, and you, you can be my daughter.

Nessie: You want me to be you r daughter?
Ogre: Why not?
Nessie: Sure, sure.
Ogre: You want to eat?
Nessie: Sure, my father.
Ogre: That’s sounds great.

Act 6 – The Keys

Nessie: Good morning, My Father.

Ogre: Good Morning Nessie. It’s a bright and shiny day, isn’t it?

Nessie: I see, you were a wake early huh?
Ogre: I don’t need much of a sleep.
Nessie: Why not?
Ogre: Because I eat a lot. That’s tells all.
Nessie: Okay, now, I’m hungry.
Ogre: Before you eat, I’ll be trusting you on something.
Nessie: What is it, my father?

Ogre: I’ll be giving you six keys, representing the six rooms in my castle, but this seventh key, is the key to the upper chamber. I’ll not be giving you this one. You take care of those six keys and I’ll be keeping this.

Nessie: Why not give all keys to me, my father?
Ogre: Because it’s not any use to you.
Nessie: But, I want to.
Ogre: Don’t be curious about it, my daughter.
Nessie: What is it there that you don’t want me to see?
Ogre: Nothing. Nothing, My daughter.
Nessie: Okay, as you say.
Ogre: Wait for me, and I’ll go hunting.
Nessie: Okay, my father, Be Safe.
Ogre: Okay.
(Ogre left the place)

Nessie: Hmmm… What is it there that he don’t want me to see? I’ll be getting that key whatever happens. I’ll be getting that! I don’t care what’s in there for me.

Act 7 – The Upper Chamber

(Ogre Wakes Up)

Ogre: This is not a good morning… (reaches for his pocket) The Key, where’s the key? If I wake Nessie up I shall only frighten her. For today she shall keep the key, and when I return tonight it will be time enough to take it from her. (Exits)

Nessie: I hope the Ogre doesn’t see me, but, I’m gonna open the upper chamber


Ox: My beautiful flowers should be of the prince’s beauty, he should be proud of me if he sees his beautiful garden at ease!

Nessie: Hello, Mr. Ox!

Ox: Who are you young lady? And why are you there at the Ogre’s castle?

Nessie: I’m Nessie, and I live here. I am the daughter of Buk Ettemsuch!

Ox: Your father is feeding you up till you are nice and fat, and then he will put you on a spit and cook you.

Nessie: What are you trying to say? That my father will kill me?

(Frightened, Nessie burst into tears and ran away to his father)

Ogre: Why are you crying?

Nessie: I’m sorry my father, But, I opened the Upper Chamber, I really shouldn’t have.

Ogre: I know you opened the Upper Chamber. But, why are you crying? What did you see?

Nessie: I saw an Ox, and he said that you’ll be feeding me until I am nice and fat and then you’ll throw me into the spit and cook me! It’s that true my father?

Ogre: No, it is not, my daughter. I tell you, trust me and you will be in safe hands.

Nessie: I know my father.

Ogre: Okay, to make you feel good, I now give you full permission to open the upper chamber. And if you see that Ox again, you must say to him ‘My father is feeding me up till I am nice and fat, but he does not mean to eat me. If I had one of your eyes I would use it for a mirror, and look at myself before and behind; and your girths should be loosened, and you should be blind--seven days and seven nights.’

Nessie: Okay father, tomorrow, I’ll do that.

Act 8 – Seven Days and Nights

Nessie: Hello, Mr. Ox! We sure have a nice morning today, huh? And your plants are growing bigger and bigger, and each time, they sure looked more beautiful.

Ox: Your father is feeding you up till you are nice and fat, and then he will put you on a spit and cook you.

Nessie: My father is feeding me up till I am nice and fat, but he does not mean to eat me. If I had one of your eyes I would use it for a mirror, and look at myself before and behind; and your girths should be loosened, and you should be blind--seven days and seven nights.

(The Ox Fell down to the ground)

Nessie: Father, Father, It’s been seven days now, and I think, he’s now wide awake!

Ogre: Good for him. It’s his royal punishment.
Nessie: Should I see him now?

Ogre: Maybe not, my daughter, he might kill you for he still remembers that you did this to him.

Nessie: okay.

Prince: What happened to my garden? Why is it all blown up, is there a typhoon lately?

Assistant: No, Your Highness, It’s a whole summer season for the town.

Prince: Then why is my garden destroyed?

Assistant: he Ox has died, and he haven’t took care of the garden weeks from now.

Prince: Get me a new Ox and kill that one!

Assistant: Yes, your highness (Picks up the Ox ; Then the Ox began to wake up )  

Ox: Wait, don’t throw me into sentence! I didn’t actually die!

Prince: Then how did you fallen asleep for a week?

Ox: Believe it or not, a girl, named Nessie, looked out of that window and spoke a few words to me, and I fell to the ground. For seven days and seven nights I lay there, unable to move. But, your highness, it is not given to us twice to behold beauty such as hers.

Prince: It’s a lie. An Ogre dwells there. Is it likely that he keeps a maiden in his upper chamber?

Ox: Why not? But if you come here dawn, tomorrow, And hide behind a tree, you will see it yourself.

Prince: So I will. But if I find out that you have not spoken the truth, I will kill you.

Act 9 – The Seven Days and Nights…Again.

Nessie: Hello, Mr. Ox! How are you today, it seems you haven’t took care of your garden for a week?

Ox: O daughter of Buk Ettemsuch, Your father is feeding you up till you are nice and fat, and then he will put you on a spit and cook you.

Nessie: My father is feeding me up till I am nice and fat, but he does not mean to eat me. If I had one of your eyes I would use it for a mirror, and look at myself before and behind; and your girths should be loosened, and you should be blind--seven days and seven nights.

(The Ox Fell down to the ground ; The prince appeared while Nessie Exits)

Prince: Now I know that the Ox is telling the truth. She has the beauty that never exists! But, why hasn’t the Ogre eaten her? I’ll get her as my bride whatever it takes.

Act 10 – The Courtship

Ogre: Good morning, dear neighbor! To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit? I have not offended you, I hope?

Prince: Oh, certainly not!

Ogre: Then, What has brought you to my house today for the first time?

Prince: We should like to have supper with you.
Ogre: Well, supper is ready, and you are welcome

Prince: After all, Buk Ettemsuch, suppose you come to supper with me?

Ogre: Where?
Prince: In my house. I know it is all ready.
Ogre: But it is so far off--why not stay here?

Prince: Oh, I will come another day; but this evening I must be your host.

Ogre: Why won’t we just get straight to the point?

Prince: It is as a wooer that I appear before you. I seek a wife from an honorable family.

Ogre: But I have no daughter..
Prince: Oh, yes you have, I saw her at the window.
Ogre: Well, you can marry her if you wish.
Prince: You will not forget the bargain we have made?
Ogre: I am not a young man, and never break my promises
Ogre: I have been spending the evening with the prince.
Nessie: Where did you meet him?

Ogre: Oh, we are neighbors, and grew up together, and tonight I promised that you should be his wife.

Nessie: I don't want to be any man's wife.

Ogre: Tomorrow, he will be here to take you to his palace and he shall eat with you. Be careful, girl, never to speak to the prince; and when he speaks to you, you must be dumb, unless he swears ‘by the head of Buk Ettemsuch.’ Then you may speak.

Nessie: Very well.

Act 11: At the Palace

Prince: Good morning, beautiful lady of the highest. (Nessie doesn’t speak) Why are you so silent? Okay, If you don’t speak, I will find a new bride.


Prince: I found a new bride and if you don’t speak to me, I will marry her. Okay, you really don’t want to speak. I’m gonna marry that bride.

(Exits the Prince)

Nessie: I’m thirsty, playing deaf isn’t easy! C’mon, In the head of Buk Ettemsuch, I want you to fetch me a glass of water.

(A glass of water was then appeared on the Maiden’s Table ; She drank the water ; The Prince Appeared, seemingly, was there even before)

Prince: So , that’s the code, In the Head of Buk Ettemsuch, Now, I tell you, Speak!

Nessie: Yes, My Prince?
Prince: Will you marry me?
Nessie: In the head of Buk Ettemsuch, Yes, I will. (hugs)

*And they lived happily ever after*

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