The Two Lives

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Life is full of complications. Our desires and responsibilities keep pressing us. We stuck with our relations and emotions. Very difficult to judge who is wrong!

Submitted: June 26, 2008

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Submitted: June 26, 2008



Hotel Greenwood, Room no. 203


Exhausted, he suddenly felt urge of fresh air. He was there lying naked with his girlfriend under the cushion sheets and was breathing heavily. Though air conditioner was running at full swing, he was sweating. Deepak Arora, ambitious businessman and a pretty good lover was shivering, as his girlfriend watching him with a naughty smile.


Kamya, at her mid twenties, was 10 years younger than Deepak. But to her, Deepak looks much younger than what he was actually. At office time Kamya would serve as a PR officer of Arora & co., but as night grows she would rediscover herself as girlfriend of Deepak Arora, the CEO and Managing Director of the company. Infact, it was she and not Deepak who chose the word “Girlfriend” for her. “Don't you think, mistress word is bit insulting?”, she asked this question many a times to Deepak. However Deepak has nothing to do with any terminology. He was getting exactly what he needed, be it from his girlfriend or mistress.


“Just look at your face”, Kamya smiled at Deepak, “you are looking like a rotten tomato.”

“Shut up Kamya, don’t start again”- said Deepak. He did not digest her cheap jokes, but he loved her. Though she had bad sense of humor, but taking her stunning looks and passion into account, it was quite manageable thing to him.


“Ah, ok I don’t start again, but when would you start again? Pumpkinhead, give me more. Do you know, you ejaculate as early as you start.” said Kamya, while trying to bite his cheek.

He pushed her away. He does not like being called Pumpkinhead.


“Why don't I just kill her”, he thought as he searched for his undergarments underneath the sheets.


“Hey, what are you doing now?” Kamya said, as if she doesn't know the answer.

“I must go now” said Deepak.

“You must go now! Ah, very funny. And what would I do here? All alone. Am I a machine for you? You just come. Get rid of clothes. Use me and go. I am not a call girl Mr. Deepak. And you don't even pay me for this!” she shouted with her highest tone, but Deepak was unmoved.


It was things as usual to him. He did not even care to see the face of Kamya, which turned red, instead he got dressed, kissed Kamya on the cheeks, and started to go out.


“Please Deepak, please don’t do this to me. You can’t just go like this” she urged.


“I have to Kamya, and you know well about this. I love you so much and love to spend time with you too. But I have to fulfill my commitments. I have to take care of Sujata.” said Deepak.


Kamya did not utter a word. “Commitments! Is this your commitment? Sleeping with another woman, while keeping wife in dark” she murmured while watching Deepak moving out of the room in agony.

Arora Mansion

“Sujata, see what you have done to yourself.” Deepak was thinking while glaring his wife from the corner of his eyes. She was lying on the bed. Her face was pale. There were many tubes inserted into different veins. But she was lying there, peacefully.


“How pretty you were once!” Deepak was thinking. He roamed around the memories. Sweet and happy parts of the life got over soon after their marriage. 


“Hepatitis A” - the medical report suggested. Doctors were surprised to know that, Sujata was suffering from this disease for quite a long time. At one stage it was minor. She had fever and she would rest for a day or two, but never bothered to consult a doctor.


Deepak wanted to yell at her. He used to insist her to take doctor's consultation but had very little time to accompany her. Most of the time he used to be out of country to expand the business. He has to blame himself too for this.


Finally, Sujata was admitted to hospital, but it helped very little to her. Over the period of six months she was moved from Apollo to Escorts to Leelavati, but she never recovered. Doctors wondered is it the disease which was pulling her to the death bed or is there something else. She was quiet, she looked pale. Something somewhere was wrong. She was not happy, but she had no questions to ask or any problems to sort out. She used to spend days, all alone in hospital bed waiting for the final call. She wanted to go home.


“If I am destined to die, why do I die here? I want to go home” she told Deepak once.


And finally the day arrived. Doctor suggested Deepak to take Sujata home. She was dying and that was the truth. Better if she could go from this world peacefully, from home, surrounded by her own beautiful world.


Deepak took her back to the home. A personal attendant was appointed by the hospital to take care of her.


“But I don't need personal attendant, Deepak I need you” – she was saying this to Deepak while looking out through window.


'I am there with you, aren’t I” he said taking Sujata's hand between his both palms.


“With me? Ah, I could only imagine this. You are doing your job dear. Your job is to take care of me and see you are doing it. There is an attendant all the time to take care of my medicine. I have air conditioned room. I have a TV set also. And what else do I have? Oh yes, memories. I have lots of sweet memories to cherish upon. Sweet and memorable holidays that we have spent together. I also have money, it’s a different thing that I can’t get up and go out to spend it. But I don't have my Husband beside me.” she said, keeping her eyes off Deepak.


“Here I am, sitting beside you. And you think I am not there with you. What else could I do Sujata?” Deepak said, keeping his tone best in control.


“Oh, thank you very much. I am obliged Deepak”


“Why should I oblige you Sujata? Is spending time with wife an obligation?” said Deepak. He was still keeping is voice low, though he wanted to blast her off.


“Yes, it is obligation to me. What time is it now? It is mid night I guess. Where were you? In office? No I don't think so. In club? May be. But then don't you think you should be with me instead, well before.”


'I was in office; I had some urgent work to finish”


“Look at me.” said Sujata, as she turned his face towards her, “Look in my eyes. Say you were in office”


“I was in office” said Deepak calmly.


There was an unbearable silence for a minute. Finally Sujata broke the silence, “The attendant you provided to me called for you in office. No one was there.”


Deepak remained silent. He was speechless, thinking for a suitable reply, but did not get any.


Finally he looked at Sujata's face. She was smiling. That! That smile was telling the truth. That smile was pinching him. That smile was slapping him hard. “I know where you were”, said Sujata, “but never mind. I don't bother.”


“Sujata, please rest. Don’t think too much. You need rest, don’t you.” said Deepak.


“Yeah, I need. I need final rest. Can you give me that?”


“Come on Sujata”


“No Deepak, seriously I need rest. And don’t worry, nothing will change. The world is not going to stop. My presence is not indispensable, is it? I am an old poor lady. I am an old life, Deepak. I am destined to die. The old life will die and the new life will take position of old life. The Jeevanchakra never going to stop…” Sujata was murmuring with ecstasy.


“Enough of this. Just keep quite and take rest and let me too.” Said Deepak as he rose and started to move out of the room. It became very difficult for him to sit there anymore.


“Deepak”, Sujata called him from the back, “How is Kamya?”


Arora & Sons, Office


“Sir is it possible for you to deposit few bucks in my account” Kamya was saying while polishing her nail with the latest shades released by L’Oreal. She was sitting with Deepak in his cabin.


“Deepak, call me Deepak” he replied, while typing an email on his laptop.


“Deepak sir, can you deposit some bucks in my account?”


“What the fuck! I said call me Deepak.” he blasted.


Kamya smiled and moved to his chair. “Honey, I need money” she was caressing his hairs.


“Kamya, you have a credit card given by me”


“Credit cards have limit” she said with a naughty smile.


“What! You finished the limit. Dodohead, the credit card I gave has limit of 1 Lac.” he said with shocked voice.


“Yeah, it actually had not has. But then I have to spend money to fulfill your wishes too! You want me to wear Gucci Bikini, Polish my nails with L’Oreal, wear transparent evening gown, have stained less liquid lipstick and want...”


“Shut up, just shut your mouth. And please go sit there. Don’t stand on my head.” Deepak pushed her back.


“Why dont you do this to me at night?” Kamya said while sitting on the visitor's chair.


Deepak ignored her remarks, “Kamya, spend money wisely. I don’t have money tree! Moreover our shares are taking a dip. We are facing loses. We should take care of our spending”


“Kamya, spend money wisely. Yeah right. I throw money here and there, don’t I? Why don’t you ask your wife to do the same?”


“What! Come again. My wife!! What should I ask her for? Kamya, she is on bed. She is dying. And you want me to ask her not to spend money? Are you crazy?”


“She is on bed but not your servants at home. Last week she bought a new music system” said Kamya.


“She needed it to listen music. At least that relieves her.”


“And I spend money to relieve you.”


“Just stop it yaar. There is no meaning arguing with you. Tell me how much do you need” Deepak pushed his laptop back in agony.


“Push me instead. Why do you hit machines to show your anger? Hit me directly, that will relieve you even more”


“Kamya, how much do you need?” said Deepak with low voice. He did not want to create a scene in office.


“Not much, just give me 20 thousand. I need to buy few clothes and few household groceries.”


“Are you nuts? 20 thousand for groceries”


“What yes? Kamya just forget about it” said Deepak.


“Ok, you too forget our dinner tonight and all that we do after that”


“What is it Kamya? Why are you doing this? I mean I never objected you to take money from me. I even gave you my credit card. But your hunger is just too much for me”


“What too much? Am I demanding too much? No, not at all. You are doing too much. You are using me. My future is insecure. Is it wrong to secure the future? Why do I trust you! You will stand up one day and ask me to leave. You would fire me. Then? What will I do?”


“I won’t let you go. I love you Kamya”


“No, you don’t. If you do, then you would not have left me alone in hotel.”


“But that was an emergency” said Deepak with explanatory voice.


“Emergency! Then why did you want me to go with you at all. Why? Because you wanted to use me to fulfill your urge… Because I am a sex machine for you… Because I am a use and throw product. And wow, you don’t even...”


“Pay me for that, right?” Deepak completed her sentence,” never ever say this again. Who are you? What degree do you have? A lady with qualification to fit receptionist job is Office Administrator here. She is getting salary 4 times more than one usually gets for this job. She has a credit card and she does not have to pay its bills. She can ask for more money at any given time. And still she thinks that she is being cheated! No, you are not. Now listen to me carefully. I am not addicted to you. You may go any time” said Deepak and started working on his laptop again.


Kamya sat there for a while then slowly stood and got out of his cabin.


“I will check my account tomorrow”, Deepak heard her saying while leaving his cabin.


Outside the cabin, Pande watched Kamya leaving boss's cabin with anger on her face. He smiled and signed thumbs down to Sharma, his colleague. It was their secret sign. Thumbs up means boss is going to have a great night, thumbs down – pity for boss.


Arora Mansion

“Tick” - a sound generated by Air conditioner broke the silence.


Sujata smiled victoriously. She just won the game. The game to predict the time Air conditioner would take to switch off its automated cooling system to maintain the temperature.


“I won Deepak, you lost the game.” She was assuming Deepak beside her.


Then there was silence again. Unbearable silence. Sujata was staring at ceiling.


“I won this game, but lost my life. I lost all those sweet moments of life, when we used to spend time together. All vanished with time. You used to be out of the country leaving me all alone here, waiting for you to come. But then, even after your arrival could not add life to my need for you. You used to go straight to office and not home.


It became a habit for me Deepak. I learned to live without your company. I did not care much to know if you are in city or roaming around the globe. It was life as usual for me. But how long! I was all alone. Nothing to do. Everything is in place. Money? Oh, I had plenty of it. I did not even need to go out. But tell me was it life?


So what if I did not care when I got infected with viral. So what if I did not care when I vomited all night, but did not call doctor. It was my way to punish you by punishing myself. And today I was the one who is paying for that. Here I am Deepak, dying, leaving you all alone. But alas, you would not feel my absence, am sure. You have your business. You have money to buy every possible pleasure thing. And above all you have Kamya. Don't you? She would take good care of you. At least till you fulfill her wishes by money.


But why should I blame you for all of this. I am responsible, too. Your absences lead me to Satsangs. Most of the time I used to do different Kriyas and Yogas. Exploring various techniques Swamiji taught us. I never cared your presence at home, and why should I? You never cared my presence while busy on phone, managing office from home.


But those Kriyas and Yogas did very little to my messy state of mind. I was unrest Deepak. I used to cry for hours and hours. I needed you all the time, but wanted you to never come near me. I loved you more than myself, and hated you too. I was insecure. I was alone. I was disturbed and still am. I want peace Deepak. I want rest. Final rest. I desperately need to get rid of this chaos Deepak.”


A drop of water appeared from the corner of her eyes but did not come out. She was still staring at ceiling. Waiting for something to happen. Something.


“Ah, the time is here Deepak”, she smiled again,” see, the ceiling is turning white. Walls are turning white. Those trees outside the windows turning white. All White. Peace is coming. Deepak, please don't panic. I will remain with you all the time. I just want a break. Please live happily. I won’t disturb you any....”


Remaining words disbursed abruptly. She was smiling. Eyes wide open.

“Tic” - the air conditioners blower started again, but there was no one left to feel it. The game was over. The Old life rose slowly out of the bed and vanished into air.


Hotel Greenwood, Room no. 203


“Deepu, doggy, are you sleeping?” Kamya asked Deepak with a naughty smile.


They both were there in bed, naked. Deepak was trying to sleep for a while. As usual he was exhausted and was breathing heavily.


“hmm” he murmured and dug his head inside Kamya's chest.


'Listen, I have something very important to tell you” Kamya move his head back.


'Say” said Deepak.


“Listen, today I felt something here”, Kamya was caressing her belly, “I think I am pregnant. A new life is knocking the door.”


Shocked, Deepak rose with panic, 'What, what did u say?”


'I said you are going to be a proud father, soon. Aren't you happy?”


“Of course I am, Kamya, but we are not ready for this yet. And what you just said.... the new life...” Deepak said in agony.


'I said, new life is knocking the door”


Deepak sat there unmoved for while, then suddenly he got out of the bed and began to put clothes.


“What, what happened to you?” Kamya was amazed by his moves.


'I need to go home, something is wrong”


“What wrong! And why don't you call home instead.”


But Deepak was not listening. He took the keys of his car and zoomed out of the room leaving Kamya behind.


Kamya was amazed and did not understand what went wrong. She sat there for a while and then slowly put her head back on pillows and closed her eyes.


She was caressing her belly trying to feel the child inside, though she knew that it will take at least 5 months when she could physically experience her child. For now, she was all alone.


Suddenly, she felt someone else is there in the room too. She opened her eyes. Shocked! Her body turned white. She was paralyzed for a moment.


The old life was standing right in front of her. Smiling!


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