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This story is about 2 friends who always believed that their should be some inspiration/idle to perform any kind of task. Few incidence realize one of them that it is self belief which completes the task rather than to follow any inspiring/ideal person.

Submitted: October 03, 2014

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Submitted: October 03, 2014



In a very small city there were TWO close friends ( Adat and Rio) who used to share every single thought among them. They just passed out the graduation. They were also very positive about life. After completing the graduation in B.COM, Adat and Rio were consufed about their job, which stream they have to choose. Before doing any kind of work they used to search the people who has already completed the task/in the process of doing. They started searching people who are graduated in BCOM and currently doing any job. Adat and Rio was in belief to be inspired by someone.After few time they got the job in Bank as accountant where one of their senior was already working.The very first day Adat and Rio were very energetic and enthusiasm to start the accountant work. They applied all their energy to learn and start the accountant work. After few days Adat reliased that he was not enjoying the work, However hard he tried he could n't give his best to complete the work. Whatever work is given to Adat he was unable to complete the task in time. On the other hand Rio completed all the task on time. Adat discussed all these to Rio, then Rio gave Adat many live example of Bank accountants which inspired Adat a lot. From Next day Adat restarted the account work with full of energy and enthu.But again Adat was not enjoying the work.One day he took leave from office and at home he started thinking, why Rio was able to complete the task on time Why not me? Why it seems my full of energy is wasted ? why my brilliant mind is taking lot of time to complete the work?

Adat thought about their senior accountant, How they are working in Bank so long? Adat again thought about some inspiring people? After thinking about inspiring people and himself he got confused what to do?

Adat was good in writing, he thought of writing all the problems he is facing. He wrote down every single details on paper, what was happening in office and what his mind is thinking. After reading his own paper he decided he would give himself 3 continuos day in office in a segment of 1/2 day each.

The next day he wrote down his first 1/2 day task ( Preparation of Balance Sheet for 4 big Clients) on paper and he would assess his own work after every 1/2 day. After 1/2 day when he assessed his work he found out that he could just complete the balance sheet of 2 big clients. He found out the problem as well that he is not good at calculation, typing and remebering the balance sheet parameters. In the same time his collegaue completed the balance sheet for other 4 client.

Adat wrote down the second half day task on paper (Clearing the Cheque of 50 customers and creating Fixed deposit for 20 customers), leaving the balance sheet preparation of another 2 client in pending queue.

When the first day was about to over ( just 10 min remaining, Adat could clear the 30 customer cheque and created Fixed Deposit for 10 customers), By mistake a new person came to Adat ( instead to enquiry counter) and ask about banking sytem, Bank Finance system, Locker system and every details of bank as that person is going to purchase the bank.

Adat got surprised to see that person asking every detail of bank. Adat knew all the details in and out, he mentioned every single details ( apart from confidential) to that new person. In fact Adat gave him all the comparable details with other bank in very clear and easily understandable. Adat colleague who were sitting nearby him were completey shocked that How Adat know so much about not only his bank but all the other bank as well. His collegue knew that even Bank manager does not know this much scrutiny detail.

The person ( Adat entertain) immediately get his account opened.

Adat was also surprised and went home with his as usual leaving some pending work. He was thinking a lot about the conversation between him and a customer. He realised that he is good in spoken english, remembering top level things ( Bank and other bank not Balance sheet Parameters), making other people understandable and soft spoken as well.

Now he got the self belief that he is not made to work as bank accountant. He immedialtely resigned from the bank and search for another option which is suitable to his skill.

Within few days of leaving the job he got the job in well known Call Centre. There 8 hours work he could complete in just 6 hours. and now he was thoroughly enjoying his work as well.


Always try to search and do what your mind says rather than following the inspiring person which is not your cup of TEA.

In some instant your line is same as your inspiring person ( Rio) but this is not always the case.

Do what ever you do with your self belief and 100% energy.








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