Awkward Moments in Religious History - Part II

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Problems at the Last Supper

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013



Jesus gathered the faithful in front of the restaurant and called them all to heed his words.

“Hear me now, on this first day of the Festival of Unleavened Bread. We eat together as a symbol of ...”


Jesus looked down from the rock on which he stood at the man off to his left trying to get his attention, but tried to ignore him.

Turning back to the waiting crowd he continued, “We eat together …”

“AHEM.” The man cleared his throat, and was now emphatically waving at Jesus silently asking him to come closer.

“Ah sorry folks, just give me a second here.” He got off the rock and approached the man.

“Dude, what’s the story, I’m right in the middle of a speech here!” Jesus let his frustration show.

“I’m terribly sorry Sire, I’m Amad, from the restaurant. There seems to be a slight problem Sir.”

“A problem?” Jesus asked. “Is our table still available, I was very clear when I made the reservation, I said there would be thirteen of us.”

“Yes, yes Sire the table is there, it’s just…”

“Come on man, spit it out, I gotta speech to give!”

The man looked around sheepishly. “It’s your... Sire.” The man mumbled inaudibly.

“I’m sorry what?” Jesus’ patience was running out. “Speak up man!”

“It’s your… feet Sire.”

Jesus felt the heat creeping into his face, and laughed nervously, “My feet?” He dropped his voice lower so others couldn’t hear. “Hey man I took care of that fungus problem weeks ago. You can barely smell them now!”

“No, no, Sire I’m sure your feet smell fine,” the man said stepping back slightly from Jesus’ toes. “It’s just we have a new policy in the restaurant. And well… no shoes, no shirt, no service. And as you know… well Sire… you have no shoes.”

Jesus looked down at his bare feet, and then the feet of his apostles waiting for him and wondering what was happening.

“Come on man, isn’t there something we can do? You know we booked for 6, everyone’s hungry, and no one told us…”

“I’m sorry Sire,” the man said unmoved by the plea coming from the Son of God.

“Okay, okay,” Jesus relented and, shaking his head, returned to the rock.

“Ahhh… okay, so here’s the deal. Apparently, the restaurant has a new policy and we can’t get in until we all get some shoes.”

Murmurs of confusion ran through the crowd.

“I know, I know, just… go home quickly and get some sandals or throw on your crocs and meet me back here in 15 minutes.”

Jesus hopped off the rock. “Hold our table!” he yelled back at the man, “We’re eatin’ good tonight boys!” and he trotted off in search of appropriate footwear.

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