Cognitive Wanderings - Part 7

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A young man in university day dreams about the love of his life while in classes.

Submitted: November 02, 2012

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Submitted: November 02, 2012





I start to sweat uncontrollably while standing in front of his door.  It took everything I had to be fashionably late and not 20 minutes early and now I can't bring myself to knock on the door.  He's inside and my life will change when the door opens and I see him standing there …

"Hey have you been waiting for long?" His voice came from behind scaring the hell out of me.

"Holy Shit!"  I practically jumped to the ceiling.  "Where the hell did you come from?" 

"Oh sorry.  I had to grab a couple of articles from the library.  I didn't know how long we'd be and so I wanted to get them before it closed.  You okay?  You look kind of pale."

"Ya I'm fine."  I tried hiding my panic.  Change the subject.  "So should we get started?" I ask enthusiastically.

"Sure.  Come on in."  He leans past me to open the door and goes in first.  I follow obediently knowing that I'd follow this guy to the pit of hell if his ass was in front of me.  He leads me by the hand down into the basement of his parents home.  It's fully furnished with tacky yellow carpet and fake leather couches and armchairs filling up the room.  Once at the bottom of the stairs he pulls me close to him and parts his lips to meet mine in an extremely passionate …

"Earth to Devon!  Hey, you sure your okay.  You look kind of distracted." 

He cares about me.  How sweet!  "Ah, ya.  Sorry, I have a lot on my mind."  This seems to resonate with him being a student and he accepts my explanation.  I have to stay focused.  Another slip into fantasy land and he'll be calling an ambulance.  "So, should we cover our notes first?" or would you prefer to do me right now?

"Something to drink?" he offers.

"Water would be great."  My mouth is so dry I can barely open it.  The last thing I need is another embarrassing moment in front of him, so it’s best to be completely prepared.  Dry mouth will not bring me down tonight.  He brings me my water and as he leans over to give it to me it leaves his hand a fraction of a second before I can close my hand around it.  The result is a nasty spill right in my lap.  As I leap up knocking the glass to the floor and shattering it, I see the huge wet spot now centered around my crotch spreading slowly as the material of my pants sucks the water further and further away from the sight of impact.

"Oh Christ!  I'm so sorry!" he says trying not to laugh at the situation.  "Don't move, I'll get a towel."

Shit!  I can't stay here like this!  What am I going to do?  I have to get out of here.  "You know, maybe I should just go and we can do this another time."  I yell after him as he goes to get a towel.  Do women that ware maxi pads have his problem?  Would his straight girlfriend think twice if she had something spilled on her crotch or would it be sucked up and leave her skin dry like on the commercials? 

He came bouncing back in the room sliding to a stop in front of me trying to avoid the glass, which was still on the floor.  "Wait, don't go yet.  Here see if this helps."  He started wiping at my crotch with his towel.  My dick immediately responded not so much from being wiped by a towel but rather from the fact that it knew that this was the closest it would ever get the boy of my dreams and it figured it might as well take the opportunity to make it's move.  I quickly grabbed his hand and stopped his frantic wipes. "I'm really sorry."  He laughed sweetly.  "Don't go though, I have an idea."  He gave me the towel and ran back off into the hallway.  "I'll just get you a pair of my shorts," he yelled as he rummaged through his closet in the hall.  "Here we go."  He slid back in and handed me a pair of ragged jean cutoffs.  "They should fit.  Give me your pants, and I'll stick them in a bag for you."

Oh would this never end!  I couldn't change in front of him now.  The thought of it was making me ache.  "Ah, maybe I should just go."  Setting his shorts on the chair next to me I decided that helping him clean up the glass would be the nice thing to do.  "Let me help with this," I said bending own to start picking up the pieces of jagged glass.

"Don't worry about it," he said bending down next to me grabbing his own pieces.  "Ow! Shit!" he drew his hand back in pain.  I saw instantly that he had cut his finger.

Reacting like his mother my concern got the better of me.  "Here let me see it," I said grabbing his hand and pulling it toward me.  "We'd better wash it out to see if there is anything stuck in there."  I pulled him along to the kitchen and ran the cold water.  Holding his hand under the water I grabbed some paper towel off of the counter.  Wrapping it around his now bloodless finger I patted it dry and took a look.  "It looks fine.  It didn't go very deep, and I can't see anything in there.  Should be better in a few days,"  I said.  Lifting his finger to my mouth I kissed his cut like I would have for my younger sister.  "There that should … Oh shit!  I'm sorry! I, ah, really should go."

What the hell am I doing!  I just kissed his finger!  I've totally blown any cover that I had.  There's the door.  Just walk out and deal with this later when ... his voice cut off my thoughts.

"I would have preferred it on the lips." 

He stopped my hand from closing around the door knob.  "What?"  I asked turning around with my back against the door.  I hadn't heard him correctly.

"Our first kiss.  I would have preferred that you kiss me on the lips but if I have to settle for the finger I guess it will have to do."

I couldn't say anything.  I wasn't completely sure I hadn't hit my head on something earlier in the day and this was just some weird hallucination. 

"It's starting to hurt," he said.  We made eye contact.  "Could you kiss it better again?"

"No."  He looked disappointed.  "I would prefer that our next kiss be on the lips."  I grinned.  He smiled.  He had perfect teeth. 

"But what about my finger?"  We laughed.  It broke the tension and I walked to him.  Picking up his hand I brought his finger close to my mouth and ran my tongue up the length of it. 

"Better?"  I asked. 

"Much," he responded having to swallow before he could speak.  "My lips hurt too." 

He brought his face closer and closer to mine.  I couldn't believe what was happening to me.  Pressing his lips on mine he brought his hand up and held the back of my head, lacing his fingers through my hair.  Time ceased to flow and I let myself melt into him.  He tasted better than he looked.  No more daydreaming for me!


The End

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