An egg is no egg

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Personal view on religion based on the principles of humantheism.

God and satan are married, but the power of Sonfa Fason and its children - the people - is increasing as people keep evolving to fatser, better and more equitable live forms. What will be next? Halfgods, god itself? What powers do we have after death? Can we communicate with the people that have past away? And where would we find heaven if it existed in this world? Some answers to these mindbreaking questions in a short article format..

Submitted: July 25, 2010

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Submitted: July 25, 2010



Whereas I wonder where god has been, there speaks an angel with me who protects me and tries to help me through this difficult time. Because without control, without an eye on luck I no longer know where I stand and I also make god in me get stuck.

When the line broke and I spoke with the dead, I learned that ‘in a spiritual world’ god is a woman and married with her man satan governed concerningly over our little souls. But we the people, have thanks to the apple of Adam and Eve, our own free will and freedom itself to be able to decide over life and dead if we would want to do that.

Then now the question arises.. Do I believe in prophecy? According to my latest vision we will enter a new era in two years, according to my last data this would be around 21st of December 2012. Our last prophet was Mohammed and he has - in imitation of Jesus, Mozes and Abraham - brought the conscience of humanity to a higher level such that the people can more and more live in equilibrium with nature and more and more at peace with itself and the others.

I don’t know what my meaning in history will be, but I do believe in the power of man and woman, symbolised by Sonfa Fason (like how I have renamed Adam and Eve) that must be created as a product of evolution from nature.

People still make progress, we keep running faster, we keep living longer, we keep understanding nature better and we keep acting more equitably with each other. And therefore, I believe that we as the people will more and more and more evolve to halfgods or even to god itself.

Thereby I believe that if we die now as people we can reincarnate ourself in lower life forms and also that our spirit has to the power to communicate with the living as long as the body can still feel the least bit of pain. For this reason I would freeze my body if I would pass away, such that my spirit still has the power to communicate with the living surviving dependants as long as possible.

Concluding I want to notice still that we people according to me carry heaven itself with us in our hearts and thereby I can confirm that I feel the love of died fellowers in me and that I even can communicate at some moments with them if I do have the correct rest and equilibrium in myself. Thereby certain objects that carry with memories and ascertained texts or songs can help come to rest the state of mind and to find the equilibrium in the heart to open yourself to contact with the one that you are missing in life.

It also gives me an inner rest to that know I have really been able to forgive them for their irreversible farewell from the living and that I can speak to the people in our world on behalf of them during this life with the purpose to bring us to a higher conscience of being so that we will even act faster, better and more equitably in the continuation of our existence.

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