Neo democracy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

philosophical theory on a new political system: either a gun or a vote..AND work either for state or public, with free basic needs for everybody.

People need to make two choices:

1. To either fight for justice or vote for justice.

The people that vote can't use weapons and the people that fight can.
In this way the voters decide what the weapons do.

2. To either work for state or work for public.

The people that work for public pay taxes and the people that work for state don't.
In this way the taxpayers decide what the stateworkers do.

In a modern world where war should be extinct
and justice rules over the people
there is but one army, the United States of the World Army (USWA) responsible for security
it should only operate according to the general laws of the international court of justice.
And also, every state has but one policeforce, State Force (SF) responsible for order
it should only operate according to the general laws of the national court of justice.

Finally, if you decide to work for state you need to earn your stripes.
Trainees start with just one stripe and minimum income.
They are there to learn the job and have little responsibility.
After a trainee you may become a worker with two stripes and modal income.
They are there to do their daily job and have average responsibility.
After a worker you may become a trainer with three stripes and above modal income,
They are there to learn the trainees to do their job and have above average responsibility.
After a trainer you may become a decider with four stripes and high income.
They are there to make decisions for their workforce and have high responsibility.
After a decider you may become a chosen leader with five stripes and maximum income.
She or he is chosen by the workforce by vote and has ultimate responsibility.

Taxpayers pay stateworkers and stateworkers pay taxpayers.

Public needs are met by state.
Public decides their social security level by tax-rate.
State works for social needs and all basic needs are free.
As products get more expensive life doesn't
that balances out to a new equilibrium where expenses are similiar as today.
If you work for state taxpayers will pay
If you work for public your on main way
and everybody will pay
so there will be enough money for everybody
state or public either way

If this world excists
then let the weapons speak of silence
and let every street be of minimum risk
let justice be and do its job
and give us faith for all
that live
here on earth

Submitted: June 20, 2010

© Copyright 2020 PdeW. All rights reserved.

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