Who Shot Who?

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Perspective view

Martin was standing outside the courtroom, as he desperately wanted to avenge his Brother Paul's murder. He waited there for hours and wanted to kill Richard, who killed his brother. By then he saw Richard was making an exit from the court.

Martin has a gun, but he didn’t took it. Instead he waited for a good chance. Soon Martin saw Richard was surrounded by press and he was moved along with them while answering them.

By then Martin approached him very closely and took his gun, as he saw Richard was speaking with someone in the cellphone. Martin didn’t hesitate and he pointed his gun towards Richard, THE NEXT SECOND THE GUN SHOT WAS FIRED.

Mark, a professional sniper, who has got enough instruction from his boss to kill Richard. Mark made every arrangement to kill him. As he went to the top of the building, which is opposite to the court and targeted Richard. When Richard came out and mark ready to click his sniper, the press people gathered him.

After a long wait, Richard moves to the car, by talking on his cellphone. That’s the right time mark aimed him to finish. As he prepared to shoot him, THE NEXT SECOND THE GUN SHOT WAS FIRED.

Edward, who was the police officer, attending on the court, due to Paul’s murder case. When Richard set free and moved out from the court, he took his phone and called Donovan. While speaking to Richard Donovan was shocked. Edward observed everything, what happens.

Donovan called one of his men waiting there and gave him a .45 magnum pistol by watching the Richard. THE NEXT SECOND THE GUN SHOT WAS FIRED.

Richard was having a conversation with Edward before his trial on court and he was told by Edward that he received an information that Donovan set Mark to kill him. By hearing this Richard told Edward that mark was Donovan’s spy, for his gang.

After the court session over, about the Paul’s murder case, Richard came out from the court, press surrounded and he walked towards his car by speaking on his cellphone. He called Donovan, boss of Mark and told him that he given an info about him and his gang to the Edward. Donovan was speechless and shocked.

Richard said to kill mark, who Donovan hired to kill Richard. So Richard can help Donovan from the Edward, the police officer. Richard, by saying this on his cellphone and entered the car, THE NEXT SECOND THE GUN SHOT WAS FIRED.

The Gun Shot belongs to Edward, the police officer, and the bullet pointed a person who was heading against the Richard. Few minutes later, police found a body at a top of a building which is lying dead and his name was mark.

Submitted: September 25, 2014

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