DA tales: Eairi

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Eairi is tired of being second to her little brother in her parents eyes. She's fed up with her mother avoiding her and a new boy at school has caught her attention. What's a pixie to do but fall in love?

Submitted: October 11, 2013

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Submitted: October 11, 2013



The night flowers were all in bloom and I knew it was my father's doing. He was always like this. Whenever my mother came home from the veil, I was forced to leave so he could spend time with her. I'd never really met my mother, but I could tell she must look a little like me since I don't look like my father.

"Dad boot you out again?" Carmen, my little brother, peeked his head out the door and fluttered to me. His wings were blue with silver eye dots and designs that could make you dizzy if stared at too long. What you'd expect of the Pixie prince. I saw a light from the door before it was closed. I was sure it was my mother's light. She'd refused to see me since I wasn't born with the Fae traits- basically wings and a tiny body.

"Shut it, Carmex." I said using the nickname I'd given to him long ago. He puffed his cheeks at me and I nearly laughed. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I should be used to it, but I couldn't help but wish she would come outside and race to me in slow motion like in the movies and then we'd embrace and share our tales. Boy, I was a daydreamer...

"Eairi!" My father called. I knew the moment I set foot in the house, she'd be gone, but if I stayed outside to wait, she would wait also until there wasn't a chance I'd see her. Though sadly, she had time on her side. I stood up knowing I'd missed yet another chance to see the Pixie queen, my mother.

"Eairi, don't look so down. I made your favorite! Oatmeal with bacon bits!" He shoved the bowl in my face and I took it like the nice girl I was. I'd gone through the rebellion stage and it'd cost me too much. I'd never do that again, but I didn't have to be happy.

"See ya, Father." I said a bit spitefully. I admit I have an attitude, but I wasn't nearly as bad as Carmen. I grabbed my bag and headed for the door.

"You're still mad, aren't you?" Wouldn't you be?! But I'd never say it. I just left out the door without a word. Yeah it was mean and childish, but after last night something had snapped inside me. I wouldn't be the rebellion, but I couldn't ignore what they'd done to me and Carmen. I had to walk four miles to school and Carmen got to ride to his which was only half a mile from mine. I'm not saying making him walk, but couldn't he rive me to school too?

I sighed loudly knowing my thoughts would only cause trouble. I had learned valuable lessons when dealing with my family. They weren't really human and could get away with things humans couldn't. like ignoring your oldest daughter for one.

"Hey Eairi!" I looked up to see my two closest friends. Anna was pretty and popular and Kay was... hard to explain.

"Hey guys." I said giving it my best to seem happier.

"Not buying it, E. What's up?" Anna sat with me on the bench outside our school. We had a little while before class.

"Is it your dad again?" Kay asked standing in front of me like the shield she always tried to be. Ever since her accident with her other friend, she'd spent more time around other people. Mostly me and Anna.

"Sort of. It's nothing new, guys." I said looking at my shoes. They were a regular pair of tennis shoes, but they'd been with me for three years now. They'd been slightly expensive, but they were paying off.

"Just cause it's not new doesn't mean it doesn't hurt you, E" Anna wrapped her thin arms around me. They really were good friends, but I couldn't tell them everything. As far as the school and everybody else knew, my mother had passed after Carmen's birth, but no one knew the truth. No one knew how she ignored me. No, not ignored, avoided. She avoided me like I was a disease and I was tired of it. Nothing special had happened last night, but something inside me had changed.

"Thanks, guys. You really are the best." I hugged Anna back then we made our way to class. As I sat down, I noticed a boy I'd never seen before. His hair was light brown with light blond streaks that fell to the bottom of his neck. It was styled perfectly and I was more than a little jealous of how it fell perfectly in place. He must have felt me staring because he turned his head and I was entranced with the most beautiful blue eyes I'd ever seen. They really popped out almost glowing they were so bright.

"Let us begin today by introducing Zanik Andrews. He's here from Crimson High. Please make him feel welcome." Zanik stood and bowed low to the class. I felt me heart beat faster as he gracefully took his seat and stared forward at the teacher. He looked smart and kind, but most of all, he was HOT!

I tried to focus more on the board but I was finding it hard given my eyes kept drifting toward Zanik. When the bell rang, I tried to hurry with my things, but when I looked over, he was gone. I walked to my locker a little disappointed, but I knew I'd see him again, probably tomorrow.

"Looking for me?" I turned around and saw Zanik standing there with his arms crossed over his long sleeve button-up. He was dressed really nice for school, but it didn't look dorky on him at all.

"Kinda. I really like your eyes." I blurted. I hoped my face wasn't as red as it felt.

"I like yours, too. They're very green and pretty. Um... Are you free after school? I'd like to hang out." Zanik smiled a charming grin as he waited for my answer.

"Sure. I'll wait for you here?" I said leaning against my locker.

"Ok. See ya then, Eairi, was it?" Zanik smiled again and walked away getting swallowed up by the hallway crowd. I felt my heart speed up and a tingly feeling spread through me.

After school, I waited by my locker wondering where we would go. Zanik had seemed sincere, but it'd been at least thirty minutes since the bell had rang. I looked around once more wondering if I should leave, but then Zanik turned the corner looking slightly out of breath.

"I'm so sorry, Eairi! Ms. Doukins kept me after class and this place is so big I got a little lost looking for your locker. I'm glad you didn't leave." Zanik surprised me by giving me a hug and keeping his arm around me as we walked toward the exit. I couldn't speak. Not even to ask where we were going. I'd never been held by a boy this way and it was an amazing feeling.

"I need to talk to you about something serious, Eairi." Zanik said after we were in the park away from people. It was just us at one of the secluded tables in the woods. I sat down and stared at him ass he sat across from me.

"You can tell me anything, Zanik." I said being naive. I should really watch what I say...

"Eairi, I'm a fairy prince from Anres and I'm being forced to marry a princess. The problem with that is there's only one fairy princess and that's my sister which is definitely not what I approve. The only race I can marry to other than my own are the pixies..."

"Um..." I wasn't sure I was following this right. I didn't know much about the Fae kingdoms, but I knew the fairies had three kingdoms and the pixies had five. I only knew of one pixie princess I'd met when she'd been born.  "There's only Kiri who's eight, isn't there?"

"There is one other, but she's not really a pixie yet..." He said hinting to something I couldn't catch. I racked my brain and last night came to mind like a thorn at first, but then I remembered who my mother really was. Shit...

"Exactly," Zanik said standing up and coming around to face me. He got down on one knee and pulled out a small ivory box that opened to a beautiful diamond ring that had butterflies holding the large diamond. "Will you marry me, Eairi?"

All went black... Damn I'm bad at this.

I woke up to the sound of chirping birds and opened my eyes. The room was a pure white with light pink curtains and a canopy over the bed pulled back by velvet pink stings. I sat up and looked at the beautiful room that would be a princesses dream.

"You're awake." I heard a small voice and looked over at three pixies in white robes of some sort.

"What's going on?" I asked standing up only to notice my clothes had been changed. I was in a beautiful white gown the fell to my ankles and silhouetted my curved body. "Where are my clothes?"

"Stay calm, My Lady. Your attire is currently being washed and we changed you rather than leaving you naked. Was this wrong?" The tallest one asked.

"No... Yes... Don't change me and don't take off my clothes." I felt exposed and walked to the window. I'm not sure how I knew, but when I looked at the beautiful green hills and white and gold houses, I knew I was in the Pixie Realm. "Why am I here?"

"Prince Dew came and placed you here before speaking to M'lady's mother." The shortest one said bowing. I looked at her confused.

"Prince Dew?" I asked.

"They mean me." I jumped at the sound of Zanink's voice behind me and watched him flutter in through the window I had just left. "My real name is Zanik Dew, but I feel weird not having something of my home with me, so I combined our names."

"Oh, that makes sense, I guess." I couldn't help but notice he was now wearing leather tight pants and no shirt in sight. My mouth felt a lot dryer than it had before. God, he was HOT!!!!

"Welcome, M'Lord." The shortest one bowed low followed by the other two.

"Thank you, Pipsy. Nice to see you all. How are you Liya and Cid?" Zanik asked politely. They made polite talk for a while, but the other three soon bowed out of the room leaving my alone with Zanik.

"I'm sorry if you're uncomfortable here, but I had to bring you. I don't have long and I needed to speak with Queen Rose. I don't want to scare you, but I really do mean what I say when I tell you I want to marry you." Zanik said staring at me with those big blue eyes and lashes to die for.

"I know. I'm the only one available that isn't family or a kid." I said sighing. It wasn't wrong for him to come to me, but I'd always dreamed of loving the person I'd marry.

"It was that at first, Eairi, but I find I rather like you and if it wouldn't be too much to say, I may already love you. My heart beats so fast around you I get scared you'll hear it. I must sound like a sap." Zanik leaned against the wall and ran his fingers through his perfect hair. My face must be red...

"That's the most beautiful thing I've ever been told!" I shouted before jumping into his arms. He was perfect for me even if he was emotional. Hell,I think I like that better. "Please talk more, Zanik. I love it when you talk."


The wedding took place five days later and I got to meet my mother. I thought I'd have so much to say to her, but when I saw he at the wedding I just stared and walked away. I walked to my husband who would be my boyfriend on earth and hugged him tight. Everyone there was wearing white except one person near the back wearing pure black. She was beautiful but in a human like way instead of pixie or fairy. I let go of Zanik as she signaled me to follow her.

"I'll be back, Baby." I kissed him on the cheek and followed the woman in black around the corner. She was in a shadowed area and I walked slowly over to her. "What do you want?"

"Only to help, I assure you." She reached up and and brought me closer. Her lips touched my forehead and I felt a warmth go through me. It grew hotter at my back and then cooled quickly.  I felt a light weight on my back and looked to see the most beautiful thing in the world. Beautiful lilac and rose petal wings were fluttering behind me. They were perfect for me.

"Thank you!" I jumped up and hugged the taller woman only now noticing the black wings on her back. I stepped back and stared at her closely. How could she be a Dark Angel? She seemed so nice.

"Do not worry about it child. Go and enjoy your wedding. You have school tomorrow and everyone will be wondering where you've been." She said so kindly. I knew she wasn't my mother, but she felt like one. Like I could run to her for anything.

"What's you're name?" I asked. I had to know who she was. I wanted to know her whole story. She seemed so mysterious now and I wanted her to tell me everything.

"My name is Peace and you may call on my in times of trouble and I will be there." With that she vanished into a burst of feathers that also disappeared. All but one. I picked it up and cradled it to my heart. All wasn't fixed, but it'd get better. If I had trouble I would call Peace, but as I looked at the people gathered at the wedding, I knew my life was just begining and it was a very bright life full of turns and one husband I could adore forever.

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