DA tales: Holly

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Holly is dating Death or was...

Death was at the door, this much I knew. I stared at the door wondering when the reaper would come through. I braced myself holding tight to my bed sheet with my bleeding wrists. Not long, I knew. I had out ran them so long. Was it really the end? The door burst open and a squeak left my lips because before me was death.

"Won't you stop running, my love?" His voice was sweet and deceiving. There were reasons I had dated him. Yes, you heard right. I'm Death's ex-girlfriend. Like many men, he couldn't take a hint. Maybe I should back up to when I'd actually been alive...

"Holly!" My best friend for all my life snapped her fingers in front of my face. I had zoned out again like I usually do. We were on top of her car near Dead Man's Bluff. I was wearing my usual black t-shirt with whatever band I'd seen the day I'd bought it and black cargo pants and combat boots. My BFF, Kay, was always stylish in her white tank-top that said "Spoiled" and blue-jean miniskirt. We were the weirdest pair, but we'd known each other since crib years. She was a grade higher than me, but somehow it never got between us. I tried to think, but couldn't remember this topic.

"Sorry, Kay. Repeat that?" I asked smiling apologetically.

"You're always like that, Holly. Oh well. I said I'm going out with Miles tomorrow so you'll be on your own. You gonna be ok?" Kay snuggled closed leaning into my too flat of a stomach. I had doctors practically begging to feed me. I was picky and my taste buds were a mess. I could never tell if I was going to like something until I had it in my mouth. It made eating a very dreaded thing. Mom blamed all the drugs the Docs had me on plus the drugs my dad had been on. Not like he was in the picture anymore.

"You're doing it again." Kay said with a worried look. "Maybe I should cancel..."

"No, Kay. You've been waiting forever for this. You know me. I'm always in the clouds." I said smiling. I playfully punched her arm and we laughed.

On the way home, Kay stopped by the gas station to fuel up and I took my time staring at snacks. Each one looked good, but what would my buds want. I grabbed a kit-kat, snickers, and a payday to be safe. The clerk looked at me like I was odd considering I was basically alone buying junk and yet look like a skeleton. Yeah, I wish I was bigger while the rest of the world counts carbs to get smaller than me. Call me weird. Be glad I didn't say it.

At home I played CDs that make me cry even though I know they make me cry because these were the songs that understood me. Late that night I got a call that dropped my life at the front door. A car wreck had happened on HW20 and my mother whom I loved more than life most days was severely injured and would be in the hospital for the next two weeks. I wanted to call Kay, but I didn't want her to worry. After walking twenty blocks to the HMS hospital for the needy, I walked in repeating her room number. Three floors later and umpteen rooms, I was beside my mother. I held her fragile cold hand and let my tears have free rain hearing all those stupid songs I had been too stupid listening to. I sat in the chair and waited like only a child can do.

Not sure how many days passed that way before I woke to the scariest sound anyone has ever heard. The rapid beeping of the machines going haywire. I freaked and ran to get the nurses only to be stopped by a brick wall. Or that's what I thought it was. I looked up at him and had to catch my breath at his beauty. He had the most perfect lips with hair that came just past his shoulders in black waves that surrounded two blue pools that were just as intelligent as they were beautiful. I took a swallow then another cause my mouth was dry.

"Hey." His voice was velvet and his tone was so thick I fell instantly. I tried to form words, but my tongue felt so thick. "You okay?"

"Y-y-yeah" I stuttered. I felt like such a fool. I tried to pull it together but to no avail. 

"You're kinda cute. What's your name, Angel?" He asked lifting his hand to my chin. It was surprisingly warm and I didn't want him to move it ever. "Holly? I like it."

Had I said my name? I couldn't remember. I stared at his eyes feeling like my world was anti-gravity and I was only anchored to him.

"How about we go out. Tomorrow at seven. Nighttime, of course. At Dead Man's Bluff." He snickered slightly then kissed me on the cheek before he left. I looked around but couldn't remember what I had been doing until a doctor passed by me trying to calm me. I had to force myself to listen and even then I barely caught any of it with his Doc lingo. All I got was my mom would be okay.

At home the day after, I stood in front of my closest hating everything in it. Eventually I decided on a small black dress and a bat choker. I hope dream guy likes Goth. That's when I remembered I hadn't gotten his name. I didn't know anything about him other then he was gorgeous beyond sin. I would just have to tell Mr. Perfect that we needed to slow down and back away from each other. That shouldn't be too hard.

Harder than I had thought. I ended up with another date set for this weekend with three hickeys, bruised lips, and still didn't know his name. What the hell? I racked my brain but couldn't quite remember where I had lost control. Probably in the beginning somewhere knowing my luck. What was I going to do next weekend? What if he took my virginity? Shit, What if I married him? I didn't want to be like that one song. I don't even know my last name! I had to slow this down whatever it was!

Breathing deep I went to meet my dark knight that weekend at the same place. It went further than before, but I was still a virgin. Barely. What was he doing to me? Why couldn't I resist him?

"Because no one resists Death." A voice said behind me. I jumped then spun around to face a beautiful woman wearing all black with huge black wings that shed feathers as they flapped gently. "We have much to disgust, you poor sweet child."

"Who are you?!" I demanded sounding braver than felt.

"I am Peace. I'm a fallen angel my dear and you are currently dating Death. I'll give you something to resist him, but beware he'll know I've helped you. He'll know you know." Said Peace. I stared at the creature before me with caution.

"How do I know I can trust you?" I asked. After all, she was a Dark angel, right? She was just as bad as Death.

"Because not all is as it seems. You should be free to say what you need as you want. I'm simply giving you a way to resist Death. She smiled cunningly before slashing both my wrists. "Good luck child and know I'm on your side."

Now you're pretty much caught up. I ran to my room where I waited for Death. He saw me run from him and you're caught up.

"Won't you stop running, my love?" He said enchantingly. I almost lost it then, but something held my. Something in my hand. I looked down and saw a single black feather. Peace. I looked up and gritted my teeth.

"You can't have me." I shouted....

"She's awake!" I heard and looked around. There were doctors all around me and my mom was holding my right hand.

"What happened?" I asked. Trying to shake off whatever had happened.

"You and Kay were in a bad car accident. Kay's fine, but you were in the ICU for two weeks. This is the first time you've woken." My mother explained. I felt my breath leave in a relieved sigh.

"She needs to rest." A doctor said pulling my mom outside the room.

I felt something in my left hand and looked down at a single black feather. Good luck child and know I'm on your side. A voice spoke in my head. Peace, the Dark Angel.

Submitted: October 04, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Peace DarkAngel. All rights reserved.

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OHHHHHHHH SHIZ!!! Okay I remember why I LOVE these stories!!!! I love how Peace are the center of them!!!! XD I love them ALL so much even though I've read like thrree!! You should get more reads for this, I swear! THEY'RE SO GOOD!!! XD

Sun, May 4th, 2014 1:12am


Thank you. I'm trying to wright another DA tale, but I'm hardly ever on the net and only with my phone, so can't do too much. I'm glad you like my stories. ^-^

Thu, May 8th, 2014 5:13pm

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