DA Tales: Peace

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When an angel takes peace to far. Peace's beginnning.

Submitted: March 22, 2016

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Submitted: March 22, 2016



The angel opened her eyes and saw the beauty of heaven. It was perfect. Only one word came to her. Peaceful. It was perfect. Like a story she’d been told. All around her were other angels doing the jobs they knew they had to do.

“Welcome,” A beautiful angel extended his hand to help the little angel to her feet. “What’s you name little one?”

“Name?” The angel tried to remember, but she couldn’t. What had happened to erase everything? She knew it was rare, but not how she knew.

“You don’t know? That’s rare. What do you want to be named?” The man smiled sweetly.

“Something peaceful.” She whispered.

“That must be your job. I’ll call you Peace, then. We all kinda have jobs here, but it’s usually something we want to do anyway. I guess you’ll keep the peace, Peace.” The man let out a chuckle and smiled sweetly at a joke she didn’t get. “Oh! Where are my manners?! My name’s Cassin.”

Peace smiled at him and felt her heart flutter. Her job was peace so she might as well be named so. She felt her heart tug and fell fast and stopped next to a child crying with parents screaming in the background. The urge to help this child was so strong it took her breath. Damian was his name and he needed peace. She went to the parents and touched their heart to hear the crying child. She saw the regret fly through their eyes as their argument ended and they went to comfort the child. It only took a second before she was in a car with a woman crying from a break up. Peace slowly touched her heart in time to let her miss the family of five driving by. The woman took a big breath and pulled over deciding to call her friend to talk her through. Peace smiled until she was sent to the next place and let her new power flow on.

Heaven was a precious sight to her eyes. How she longed to stay and rest, but more than that, she wanted to help. So many people needed her. Why was she back? She looked around and saw new angels around. They were coming and going everywhere. She saw the familiar face and raced to him hoping he wouldn’t vanish.

“Cassin!” Peace called out to the beautiful man. She latched onto his arm hoping to keep him so she could talk to him. “What is happening?!”

“Calm yourself, Peace. We are switching places with others. It is how we rest. You’ve been busy for six straight days. We all rest once a week, just on different days so they are never left alone. You don’t have to strangle my arm, you know. It’s not a snake, I promise.” Cassin took his arm away and wrapped both around the beautiful angel. She was so cute in her innocence, but beautiful in her movements.  

“I’m sorry, Cassin. I didn’t know.” Peace mumbled into his chest. She took a deep breath and let peace consume her. So beautiful was this peace that she almost forgot she was still in Cassin’s arms. Detaching herself, she made her way to her home that she just knew was this way. Feeling embraced the moment she entered her home, she let herself fall to the floor and kneel to the perfect one. So much peace in that embrace.

Her next days went the same until she was teleported to an old man who was in so much pain tears were falling from his eyes. Peace fell before him knowing what to do, but feeling dreadful about it. She hadn’t ever felt this and hated the feeling, but knew it would help the man to feel peace. His death was long, but he only felt blissful peace. As the cancer patient let his last breath leave, Peace watched him ascend to heaven. Yes, he’d have a better life. Or rather, afterlife. Peace arrived to a scene that tore her heart in two. A mean man was beating a baby. She knew to take the baby. That was her job, but how could she let this man go? To harm one so innocent was wrong. She felt the anger build up, but then saw Cassin appear. He attacked the man and tore him to shreds before her eyes. That was the last time she ever saw Cassin as she was. Time passed slowly for her, or maybe it was quick. She knew Cassin was gone, but to where? What had happened? She didn’t feel right anymore. Something was wrong with her and she knew it. Peace was getting harder and harder to handle. She missed the beginning when it felt there may be a happy ending. She missed the feeling of doing things right and it feel good.

Peace decided to visit the boy from before. Her first job. The one who would make her feel right again. Damian would bring her peace as she had done for him. She focused her power and appeared in front of a haggard man yelling at a frail woman. It took a moment to realise that the man was the child she’d saved before. Had so much time gone by? Shock tore through Peace at sheing the scared child turn into a monster. She saw the whimpering puppy in the corner and wondered why these humans felt compelled to torture everyone around them. Red blurred her vision as she realised peace was impossible with these creatures. She hated them. They tortured innocents and harmed the life and peace around them. Her wings turned red with the blood of Damian before they turned black with her sin. She didn’t care. Someone had to stand against the evil. Pain and anger raged in her heart. She couldn’t see anything but the monsters she had to destroy. The evil she had to vanquish. She wanted it all gone.

“You’ve gone way too far, Death Angel.” The voice rang out and Peace turned around at the shining glory of the angel before her. She looked around at the buildings crumbling and the blood stained on her hands. How could she? She looked over the dead bodies in her wake and saw a white kitten lying still. Tears fell as she looked at the angel. “You only have Hell to face for the carnage you’ve created. Any last words Death Angel?”

The arms that wrapped around Peace were familiar to her as she vanished from the holy angel’s sight. She gasped at the suddenness of it and quickly turned to see Cassin standing tall and beautiful, but now dark. The color seemed off to her. She stepped back only to see the black feathers of her own wings. Panic set in quickly followed by rage then shame. She was a monster, but how could she ask forgiveness when she knew She would do it again. She still saw the humans as monsters, but no more so then she. Judgement had been given and she should-

“Are you even listening?” Cassin said shaking Peace hard. She looked up at the dark angel with tears in her eyes. “Don’t cry, Peace. There’s a way to fix this.”

“Really?” Hope filled her as she stared up at the man she had trusted with her life. She wanted so much to fix what she had done. She’d erase her existence if it’d take the carnage away. To save the lives she’d destroyed, she’d do anything.

“Yeah. I’ll just need some dark feathers of an angel who’s killed thousands in the name of peace. I need your feathers, Peace. Then we can take over heave!”

“Wait. What?!” Peace stumbled back. She’d been drawn in ready to give herself to him until the end. Take over heaven?! No! Never! Peace stepped away from Cassin and his new found greed. “What’s happened to you?”

“What do you mean, Peace. You know me. It’s the only way we won’t be hunted. We have to.” Cassin stepped closer, but Peace kept her distance. “Peace? I need you, Peace.”

“I will never go against heaven!” Peace screamed using what she had to teleport away. She wasn’t expecting a graveyard, but she hadn’t truly been focused on where she’d been heading. She saw people gathered around in black, but none as black as her now sinned wings. She walked over and saw Damian’s picture followed a thousand others.

“We will forever remember the victims of Katrina..” Peace sat on a tombstone and felt tears pour out of her eyes. She’d truly ruined everything. How had she been so lost? Was it really possible that’d she’d killed so many?

“Yes.” Peace jumped up and turned to face the angel from before. He was here to kill her and she really didn’t mind. She deserved it for everything she had done.

“I’m so sorry. Please forgive me for all I’ve done.” Peace knelt down waiting for the pain of Hell that she’d soon face.

“Rise, Child.” The angel smiled. “There is still hope. Repent in time and learn to love again. You may yet have a home in heaven. After all, or father is very forgiving.”


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