The End(Xiaolin Showdown)part 4

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When the world is at stake, only 4 warriors and the powers of their elements can stop the destruction. A new ShenGongWu reveals itself, making the wearer invinsible, but once 'the hag' retrieves it, there's no stopping her. Only two warriors and the power of their love can stop the one who controls the world..with them as well.

Submitted: March 21, 2009

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Submitted: March 21, 2009



Once Raimundo was free from his cell, he was already dashing toward the dungeon door.'If Wuya's so evil, how come she didn't think through about me escaping?'He thought. Before he could make it out, the dungeon door swang open with Wuya standing in the doorway.

"I heard a crash." She said. Raimundo looked over at the cage bars. alt

"Oh..well..."Raimundo jumped and kicked Wuya across the room, leaving her stunned. He dashed through the door, looking up at a long twisting staircase to the top in the ceiling. Raimundo didn't hesitate. He was at the top in less than a minute. The main area looked too familiar. He was in the same room from when he joined Wuya about 2 years ago. Her throne was to his left, ahead of him was his game room. To his right was the exit. Raimundo dashed toward it. It held a long hallway. That was different. Along the narrow and long hallway were several doors and dozens of pictures of Chase Young. 'Gross!'altHe thought. Raimundo went all the way down to the end of the hallway but there was no door. He turned around to go back. The door closed behind him. He was in darkness.

"Clay, you sure your dad won't mind us staying here?"Kimiko asked.

"'Course! My papa loves company, remember?"Clay told her. Omi ran around the corner of the barn to where Kimiko and Clay were standing. He held a bucket.

"I am sucessful again, my friends! Not only am I the greatest Xiaolin dragon of all time, but I'm also the greatest milker!"Omi said proudly altholding up his bucket.

"Are you also the greatest at modesty?"Kimiko asked folding her arms across her chest.Omi put down his bucket with a few droplets of milk inside. Clay shook his head.

"I'm disappointed in you, fellower. As a friend of a home-grown Texan boy, you should know better than to get a few droplets of milk from Ole' Bessie!"Clay said picking up the bucket. Kimiko was furiated.alt

"Guys! We have more to worry about than milking a cow! The entire world is at stake here! There can't be sunshine without Wuya blowing out the sun! There can't be clear skies without a thunderstorm with 20 bolts of lightning a second! We need a game plan!"Kimiko shouted.

"Uh, you already said we needed a game plan when you were elected as our leader. "Omi pointed out. Kimiko grunted and walked off facing a pasture out farther west. She couldn't go on without Rai standing beside her. alt

Raimundo desperatley looked around for an exit but with no luck from all the darkness. He heard footsteps and knew who it was. He kicked the air hoping to find her. The footsteps kept coming. Raimundo saw a glow to his left. A doorknob. He tried it and it opened wide. Raimundo stepped in quietly if any rock guards were nearby. He found a lightswitch and flipped it up revealing a storeroom for weapons. The ShenGongWu. All of them. 'Wuya must've put them back here because she has the Forever Peaceful War'. Raimundo thought and took his Sword of Storm from the wall across from him. He suddenly looked up from admiring his Wu. A window.altHe was already at it, lifting up the sash, climbing over, and running out through a pasture.

Kimiko turned around and walked toward Dojo. "Dojo, I have an idea of where Raimundo might be. Do you think you're capable of flying us over there?"

Dojo thought about it carefully before giving his answer."I think I can, Kimiko! I mean..leader!"

"Don't call me leader for long, Dojo! I have a good feeling about this!"Kimiko and the others hopped on Dojo once he formed his 40 foot size. They flew off.

Raimundo never stopped running. He had to make it out back to the temple and find Kimiko. And of course the others.. He learned something while he joined Wuya about 2 years ago. Never believe anything she tells you. He continued running, hoping that Wuya wouldn't find him.

They landed in the Himalaya Mountains, beside Mt. Everest. Kimiko and the others started shivering."Uh, Kimiko? You sure about this?"Clay asked. Kimiko nodded, her pony tails frozen.

"Yeah. I think..."She looked up."I thought that if Wuya wanted as much power as possible, she'd use Mt. Everest as her palace."She hung her head."Guess I was wrong."Omi tugged at her torn dress.

"It's okay, Kimiko. We'll find him. Eventually.."They all huddled together, praying for a miraclealt, or anything, to happen.

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