Anne, a story by Lizzy

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Rated R to prevent children from reading due to use of imagery, violence and gore.

The story of Anne, this story is also published by an account called 'Lithekitty' this is my other account that i don't use.

Submitted: February 22, 2013

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Submitted: February 22, 2013




John stretched and yawned, thoughts of sleep still filling his mind as he walked to school in the gentle heat of the spring sun. The school was in sight, and he dreaded what he saw next. Trevor; the school ‘bully’, John knew he was really criminal under all that ego. He sighed deeply, praying he wouldn’t catch the eye of the bully. But alas, Trevor saw him almost instantly and turned away from the smaller girl he was picking on.

“What is it now?” he asked, knowing exactly what Trevor wanted. The meaty boy simply aimed a punch at John’s stomach, but he was too slow, and John dodged it with ease.

“Gimme your money, runt.” He said, fist at the ready. John simply refused and dodged another huge meaty fist, this time aiming for his head.

John ran off to his classroom, leaving the chubby boy behind. His friends Adam was already there, chatting to some other students from the class next door.

“Hey! John, meet Anne,” Adam called over to him, gesturing to a small-ish girl with short white hair, in a black jacket. “Hello,” John greeted the girl politely, and the other students walked off as the bell began to ring, signalling class was about to start. “She’s joining our class” Adam added as he raced to his desk and sat down.


After school was over, John walked with Adam and Anne to the park not far from the school, for a bit of fresh air. But to their dismay, Trevor was waiting outside the school, to get revenge on John for earlier. John stepped forward, preparing for a fight, but to both Adam and John’s surprise, Anne was quicker at preparing, and she signalled with her hand that she could handle this.

John could see Adam wanting to help, but he stayed back, not wanting to get in her way. “Have you come for a fight?” Anne asked teasingly,

“What would a girl like YOU know about fighting,” Trevor remarked, anger growing inside of him. “It’s not like an emo would know anything about fighting or bullies, they only concentrate on how sad in pain they are, like little wimps!”

Anne seemed to grow more and more furious the more he bashes on her being emo and weak. After a while, Trevor through a punch at her stomach, but she was amazingly fast, and was able to grab the bullies arm and twist it, not quite breaking the bone, but with enough strength to pull the muscle in his wrist.

Trevor yelped at ran off, clutching his wrist as if it had snapped. John just stared, amazed at the small girls strength and speed. In the end, all of them decided they better get home after the whole bully thing, and coincidently, Anne, being new to this town, was John’s new neighbour.

Later that night, John walked past the TV in his front room, and saw his parents had left it on after they went out to a party with their friends. It was on the news, curious, John stopped to listen to the current news story, which was of strange deaths all over town. They then showed a photo of Trevor, and stated he had been found dead in the courtyard of Tiger High; which was his school.

Suddenly very anxious, though still curious, John sat down to hear the rest of the news story. They stated that all the deaths occurred on his street, and that all the victims were found dead due to blood loss and that all of the victims had been stabbed to death, but not in any vital places, such as organs or the head.

John was shivering in his seat, praying that he wouldn’t be next, the news story continued to report death after death, all the houses leading up to his. He wanted to run at this point, far far away, but something was keeping him from moving, all he could do was shake in fear and hope the killer would pass his house by. Just then, the electric went out, and John let out a scream. Without thinking, he pulled out his phone, and used it as a flash light. He shone it around rapidly, but dropped it as soon as he shined it out the window. He saw a face, but it wasn’t just a face, it was Anne’s face. And she bore a demonic smile, and held in her hand a large knife, that was dripping with blood.

He heard the window smashing and scrambled around the ground, looking for the phone. But he was too slow, and in moments, he felt a cold hand grip his neck. He heard a psychotic giggling, and felt a knife press into his throat.

Then, all he saw was black.


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