Death Note Alternative Ending!

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*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!* This is my first DN (Death Note) Fan Fiction! Yay! DN!!!

Okay, so this is an alternate ending. You know, like an alternate from the meeting at the end between Near and Light.This is right after near has taken off his mask. This is from a narators perspective. Enjoy!

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012



"Near" Light said calmly "It seems your waiting for something else to happen...?" Near looked up at Light, he had been expecting Mikimi, it was allready a while after he had thought Mikimi would come in with the fake note.

Someone cleared there throat, it came from the shadows behind the task force. Hunched over, L, walked out of the shadows, he came looking very pleased with himself.

The members of the SPK gasped, including Near. The door behind them swung open, and Near looked toward it, in the doorway stood two figures. Matt and Mello. Mello holding a bar of chocolate, Matt a cigerette.

"You see," Light began "L never died. It was a decoy that died, an imposter." "And," L followed "We found out who Kira is, its-" he was cut off by Matsuda "L! you're alive!" "Yes Matsuda, i know that. Anyway, Kira is Iwao, he is right here."

L pulled on a chain around his wrist, and out of the darkness, stumbled someone who looked exactly like Light, except covered in blood. "You see, i noticed a large change in the way Light acted halfway through the case. So, i asked him if he knew anyonw that even looked vaguely like him."

Iwao looked straight into Light's eyes.


This is the reality AKA: How Light got himself out of the mess of losing.

Shinigami's have to power to disguise as humans. (Or atleast in my Fan Fiction they do) Light tricked Ryuk into permantly look like him, and got him to L who didn't die. Light then never again used the Note.

Happy Ending!

I will make many more DN fan fictions, with this ending being the case.


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