In Heaven! (Anime Style)

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So, imagine that all the DEAD characters from various animes all were in heaven! What would happen? Find Out Here!

Animes Included: Death Note, Soul Eater, the novel: Death Note Another Note, and Some Of My Own Characters.

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



Li sighed, “I’m so bored!” She was sitting cross-legged in front of a large gap in the clouds. “I really wish Mello would come back, where did he go anyway?!” Matt looked up from his game, “Dunno.” Li let out another large and dragged on sigh.”

“HELLO!” Li jumped, “WHO WHAT!?” she saw Lord Death in front of her; she was now lying on the ground. “Don’t do that!” she heard Ryuzaki and Matt giggle. “Sorry, I just wanted to say hello!” Li rubbed her head, “No need to shout it though…” Li heard someone else sigh, except it was more of an annoyed sigh.

“Death,” a familiar voice came “Why did we come over here anyway?” Li turned around to see Asura the Kishin. “Asura!?” Li said in surprise “You died?!” “Well, yes, just after I killed Lord Death, I can’t remember who killed me though…”

“Oh.” Li said bluntly. “I’m still bored, nonetheless.” “Hello L,” came a dark and creepy voice from behind the five of them. This made Ryuzaki jump, and he turned around to see him, except hi had a knife in his pocket. “Oh, hello B.” B just waved back.

After a few more moments of silence, B took out a jar of strawberry jam, and Ryuzaki took out a piece of cake. “Really?” Li asked “Where do you even get all this!?” The two just shrugged, and continued eating. “Well,” Asura said, “Me and Death better get back to OUR part of the clouds.” Lord Death nodded. “Bye then,” Ryuzaki said, in between bites of cake.

“Well they didn’t do much…” Li sighed. The four heard someone coming, and from the distance, they saw Mello, looking very girly and holding a bar of chocolate. B and Ryuzaki paid no attention to him, and began to talk; “So,” B began, “Who was your successor?” Ryuzaki looked up from his cake, “Near, I think, you’ll have to ask Mello, I was dead at the time.”

When Mello came back and sat down, B asked him, “Who was L’s successor then?” “Near.” Mello said blankly. “Hmmm…” B wondered “Is A up here..?” Li looked over at B, “He should be, but he died so early on, he could be ANYWHERE by now.”

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