Music Box Melody

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Just a short horror story~

(Rated PG due to horror) Enjoy~~

Submitted: September 20, 2012

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Submitted: September 20, 2012



“The small girl wandered through the abandoned school hallways, her long black, dirty hair, swaying as she stumbled around, a distant child’s music box melody echoed through the derelict corridors. Along with a melody of singing, a creepy ostinato of La La La. She called out. ‘Please, save me.’ The cold ghost’s voice rang through the school.” “Gina!” The silvery haired girl looked up from the horror book she was reading. She saw her three friends cowering with fear. “What?” she asked casually, it’s just a story. But that didn’t seem to help her friends out.

Two of them were huddled together. A boy with short black hair and a girl with medium length brown hair. The only light in the small classroom was a glowing candle. “y-Yeah,” The boy shivered, “But it’s b-based on a true o-one, at t-this s-school!”

Gina opened her mouth to speak, but just then, the candle flickered out, and the room was pitch black. Shortly after a very “Manly” scream from the boy, a cold, distant music box melody began to play. Then it was joined by a chorus of singing children, in a creepy ostinato of Las.

Gina fumbled around, panicked for a match. She knew well that this story was based on a true one. She just though, that the ghost and the music was made up. She began to feel cold mist run over her. Soon she broke out in a cold sweat. Finally she had found a match. She lifted it up to light it, but just then, she felt two freezing cold hand creep up, on her shoulders. She lit the match, lighting the candle as well. It didn’t produce as much light as before though.

She stood up, and looked around the room. It was dimly lit but she was able to make out things that weren’t there before. Like on the black board behind her, there were three large scratches, looking to be made by fingernails. The music had stopped by then.

“Did you feel it two?” She asked. There was no reply. She turned round, expecting to see her friends too scared to speak. When she turned around, all she saw was the dimly glowing candle. Until she look closer. The carpet where they were sitting was covered in blood.

She walked over to it, her eyes filled with both sadness, and fear. The even stranger thing was that the blood was dry, like it had been there for a while. Gina switched on the light; revealing a normal classroom. No blood, no fingernail scratches. She switched the light back off, and the scratches were back, again and again she did this, to make sure it was true.

Yes, the strange things only appeared in the dark. She opened the door, light on, and switched it off as she left. But as soon as she put a foot outside the room, the music box melody began to play again. She felt it once more. The mist, the hands, except this time, she couldn’t stop it. Soon she felt an immense pain on her shoulders, where the hands were pushing her down.

She heard a very distant cold voice, say gently, sit. And she did, as if hypnotised to do so. Then she saw her. The ghostly figure shone dull blue, its eyes lifeless and merciless. Its hair hung back, back and dirty. It held in its hand a large knife.

It all went black, and a female scream echoed through the halls; along with the forever playing music box melody.

Three years later, after another three deaths, the school was condemned and closed down. ~End~

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