The Amazing Tale Of Mr. Hacker

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This is my entry for the Novelists' contest!

Enjoy! :D

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012



It was peaceful in the happy town of Mooze Ville. The streets were crime free, and the sky was bright blue, and the white fluffy clouds drifted in the wind.

Mr. Hacker walked down the street, in his regular black suit, and his really cool fedora hat. He was very happy today, because today he got to go on holiday, since it was his last day at work.

Now, Mr. Hacker wasn't an ordinary man, no, Mr. Hacker was the incredible Sight Hacker! The famous hero who has saved this town many times, from countless super villians. And now, Mr. Hacker had, or he thought, cleared the streets of all crime, and brought only justice! Except that all changed, when SHE came.

Mr. Hacker was at his desk, workng away, and filling paperwork, when SHE came in. She had long brown hair and was wearing a suit. Mr. Hacker thought she was only another employee working at Matsuda Towers.

She sat at the desk next to his, and began working, just as he did. When the day was over, they both packed up, and Mr. Hacker was ready to leave, except, she came up to him, and said "Mr. Hacker," she had a voice like silk "I belive a crime has just been commited down town." Mr. Hacker almost rushed to the scene, but then he thought. Why would she teel ME?! Does she know?!

Despite the obviousness of the trap, Mr. Hacker rushed down town, and quickly changed into the fmaous hero; SIGHT HACKER! He looked around furiously, trying to find what had happened, until he saw her again. Except this time, she wasn't in a suit, se was in a costume, a red one, with a large X on the front. She was the Xtraordinary X! One of the worlds greatest villians!

So, Sight Hacker, in his brilliant red and yellow costume, rushed toward her, in hope of sucessfully capturing her. Except she was faster and ended up dodging everyone of his famous Hacker Bombs.

She began attacking herself, by throwing lots of small Xs all spinning at him, but he doged them all. THen, as if magic, he teleported behind her, and trapped her, in his famous Hacker Ball.

Justice had won again in the town of Mooze Ville!

End! I'm sorry, i'm terrible at stories like that, so... yeah, anyway this was for the Contest being held my the Novelist. Hope you liked it anyway :P

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