The Games of Baldash- Intro Thingy

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This is the intro to my new idea-thingy i have- The Games of Baldash- Its like the hunger games.. i guess

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



The three clenched their fists, this was it. The one on the far left side, had long blonde hair, she was wearing a kimono dress, with a fire print on it. The boy in the middle had short dark brown hair, and he was wearing an oriental outfit of some sort, with fire print as well. To his right was another girl, she was wearing the same kimono as the other girl, except her hair was in a long ponytail, that hung behind her, it was sleek and black.

They were: Suzumu, Isamou and Yuki. Isamou, the boy in the middle, had a red eye patch over his left eye. The three stood in a small room-like box, on the front it had the letter A. They were team A, in this huge, sick game.

Next to their box, was another room-like box, that was team B, they were: Akira, Aratta and Hana. Akira had long black hair, and she was in a blood-red kimono, Aratta had pale green hair, and was in an oriental type fighting costume. Hana looked some-what like a space commander.

She had short blonde hair, and was in a dark red turtle-necked sweater. They were team B.

Next was team C: Kamatsuo, Kou and Amatsou. Kamatsuo had light blue hair, drifted over, to almost cover his right eye; he had two katana swords strapped across his back. His uniform was much like all the other boys. Kou had short grey hair, uniform the same. He had a red head band.  Kamatsuo had dark red hair, that was tied in two large pigtails, near the top of her had. She had a pair of goggles tied around her head.

And that was it. Three teams, one match, one prize. This was The Games of Baldash!

~Look out for chapter one~


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