"What's On Your Mind?"; English Assignment

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This was an old English assignment I had to do. There may be mistakes.

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011



The rain outside rapidly pours, but yet our window stays open filling our house with the smell of Fall’s rain. I, in my opinion, love the smell. It takes me back to us kids pretending that a flooded part of the yard was the ocean and we would swim in it. Grandma would come outside and yell at us, telling us that we would get sick playing in that dirty water, but us kids didn’t... care, we just enjoyed pretending. The rain kind of brings sadness upon me though because even though it brings happy memories, it also shows me that the memories are in the past. Us kids have grown, we stopped pretending long ago. A few of us have moved away, some are raising a family, one is almost done with high school and is about to start college. One has lost their way and another is beginning a new way to live. I’m left sitting here under a heavy American Flag blanket writing away about a memory. I can forget school and drop out and become another who loses their way, but then I’ll just be another raindrop falling on sand with nothing to replenish. Or I could stand tall and let others’ words fall like rain and be the building that never breaks. Like my old school always said, “Once the tough gets going; the going gets tough.” I never really knew what it meant in words, but I know the feeling. I can’t let the past hold down who I am supposed to be. I am meant to be somebody! No, I might not be the next Rihanna or the next Judge Judy, but I will be somebody. I let my life be controlled by everyone and I let myself lose control. The rain will soon begin to stop and what am I supposed to do when it does? Forget the memory? Forget the past? Forget the torn present that we live in? Or do I stand tall and fight against all those who try to break me down? If I am, and I know I am, meant to be somebody…it takes steps not leaps, devotion not procrastination. It takes me not them. I’ll tell my past like it’s a novel, share my testimony like it’s song, and I won’t feel regret nor will I feel remorse because I know that if one hears my story…more will listen and maybe, as the story spreads through the grape vine, my story will help someone find their way and will create a new somebody.

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