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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Just a story I found when cleaning files on my computer.. written in 7th grade for a writing workshop assignment. It did have paragraphs, but it erased the indentations when I pasted it. Please be nice!!

Submitted: March 02, 2009

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Submitted: March 02, 2009



The fog set in at midday. It was a thick, dark gray fog, one that enveloped the whole world, it seemed. The morning had been bright blue and sunny skies. The eighth grade class was going outside after lunch for a few minutes. A couple of my friends and I sat down on a bench and started to talk. We were all laughing when suddenly, we saw it. It came, looming over the mountains like a great wave ready to crash down on a ship. We all turned to look at it as it smudged out the sun. It came quickly. Once it was completely over our heads, it turned blacker and blacker by the second. At this time, we were all standing up, looking at it. And then I felt it. A rain drop. Right after I wiped it off my cheek, it seemed as if the whole sky opened up onto us. Rain came down in sheets so hard that you couldn’t see more than five feet in front of you. We all bolted for the doors to our classrooms.

When we got in the hallways, you could hear the patter of the rain on the roof, as it steadily increased. I was completely soaked. I took off my black sweater and used it to dry my hair as best I could. My friend Maddy Fox came up to me, her red hair soaked and her bangs dripping water across her face. She brushed them out of the way. "That was so weird!!" She exclaimed as we entered the classroom.

"I know. Kind of scary." I looked out the window. "It looks like it’s getting harder, too." I felt the fabric of my skirt between my fingers. "Ugh," I complained, "I can’t sit down like this. I’m soaked." Maddy and I went to the back of the room to sit on the window seat. We started talking. All was calm, for a while.

Suddenly, the sky lit up in a brilliant flash of lightning. We all shrieked. Maddy, Kira, and I jumped up from the window seat and went to the front of the room, our eyes wide. Soon, we heard an enormous rumble of thunder that vibrated the whole room for what seemed like ages. I shut my eyes until it was gone. After that, things seemed to get a little better. We all packed up our Latin supplies, and soon enough, it was off to the other building.

"It’s FREEZING out here!!" Sarah Palmer exclaimed. We all started to sprint across the courtyard, the fierce winds almost blowing us over. Once we got inside the building, I heard what sounded like a collective sigh of relief. We headed upstairs to class, and when we were finally there, we heard a distant rumble of thunder. It grew louder and louder until the Mrs. Poole had to stop talking because she was inaudible. A great flash of lightning abruptly lit up the room. The lightning didn’t stop. It kept going, in intervals of about three seconds. The light would stay for about five. When it ended, it had been about ten minutes. We had all been either looking out the window, or staring at the board with fearful expressions on our faces. As it subsided yet again, the rain steadily decreased. We continued with our lesson until one - twenty, when we were dismissed to go to math.

Again came our sprint across the courtyard, menacing wind threatening to blow us to the ground, and rain so heavy we got soaked again. Finally we ran inside. As we were walking to our lockers, the lights flickered. We all looked up, but kept walking. They flickered again, now more constant flickers. We all stopped and looked up. Finally, they went out. I heard everyone sigh. "Oh, great," I heard Emi Deiss’ distinct voice. Kira came up beside me.

"Well, now we can’t have class, can we?" I looked at her. We had all come over from our separated math classes today, because one of the teachers was absent.

"I guess not," I said, still a little unnerved by the storm. Mrs. May, our homeroom teacher, came out of the classroom with a bunch of papers in her hands.

"Okay, everyone, come in the room!" She shouted down the hallway. We all hurried into the room, sat down, and started talking. "Quiet! Quiet!" Mrs. May shushed. "I have to go talk to Mrs. McGill about this. Stay in your seats." And with that, she left.

The lightning storm started again. This time, it seemed as if it were 12:00 noon, the sky was so light. We all tried to ignore it and kept talking. The rain still steadily increased, until it was so hard that you couldn’t see out the window anymore. Conversations rapidly changed to that of the weather. "Oh my gosh, this is so scary!!" Maddy said, her eyes wide. I looked at her and Kira.

"Yeah," I commented, "it’s really weird, too. It never rains in Utah. I mean, we live in a desert!!" Kira was staring out the window, trying to make sense. Then she looked at us.

"How are we going to get home?"

Everyone heard her. Necks snapped around to face us. We were all trying to come up with some way to get home. Then Nick deJonge stood up and walked to the door of the building. Some of the other boys followed into the hallway. He opened the door and looked to the street. It was flooded about two and a half feet high. He shoved the door closed and ran back in. He stood in front of the room, eyes wide. "Guys!! The streets are completely flooded!!!" We were all getting really nervous now. What were we going to do?

Mrs. May entered the room again. "Okay, everyone, listen up." She said. We were so worried, we quieted down immediately. Mrs. May said, "We have a problem here. The streets are so flooded that cars can’t even drive. So, as of now, we are all going to have to stay here." It was 3:49, nineteen minutes after we were supposed to be dismissed from school. We all gasped in shock. "If anyone has a cell phone, you may call your parents if you can get a signal. The school phones are out. We rushed out to the lockers to get our phones out of our backpacks. I flipped mine open. I sighed. A signal. I quickly called my mom.

"Erin! Are you ok?"

"Yeah, mom, I’m fine."

"Are you on the bus?"

"No. The roads are completely flooded down here. Mrs. May said that we’ll have to stay here for now, unless the rain stops."

"Stay there??? What are you going to do? For how long? What are you going to eat?"

"It’s ok, Mom. We don’t know how long this rain is going to hold up. I’ll call you back when we get the details. Love you."

"Love you too. See you soon, I hope."

I hung up and carried my phone back into the room. Everyone was sitting, listening to the still - pouring rain. It was silent.

"What now?" Elliott McGill asked, looking around. Everyone thought.

"I guess we could play a a game," Allison Huber said. We all nodded. That sounded fair enough.

"Let’s play hangman," Sarah said, as she, Lizzie, Anna, and I walked up to the white board.

We had a lot of fun, and forgot our predicament for a while. Suddenly, my phone rang. "Oh my gosh, it’s 6:30!" I said. I answered my phone.

"Erin?" My mom asked.

"Yeah, mom. The rain still hasn’t stopped. I guess we’re still stuck here."

I talked to my mom about how things were going to be handled, and that yes, I was fine. I hung up soon after.

"I’m hungry." Maddy said. Everyone sighed. Again.

"Me too," a couple of voices chimed in. Mrs. May stood in the front again. Her cell phone rang.

"Hello?" she answered. After a minute or so, she hung up again. "That was Mrs. Poole. She said that they found some hot dogs and sandwich meat in the cafeteria. They can make us something to eat." We all cheered, and I called my mom to tell her that we could have dinner.

It was 9:00. We had finished dinner, and I had just called my mom again to tell her that we would need to spend the night. At school. So, I went to get my coat to use for a blanket. At least the heat was still working. Nick, Connor, David, and Elliott were throwing a ball of tape around, Mrs. May was working on some things at her desk, and all the girls were sitting in a circle playing would you rather. The rain was still pouring down, but at least you could see out the windows. The field was completely flooded, almost knee - deep in water. Time passed quickly, surprisingly. Some people started on the homework they had gotten the day before. Others had decided to play truth or dare. Before we knew it, the clock hit 10:30.

Mrs. May stood up and called for our attention again. "Okay, everyone. What time do you all usually go to bed?"

"I never sleep!!!" Elliott shouted.

"Very funny." Mrs. May looked at him with a slight smile. "Okay. Boys! Go over to Mr. Lambert’s room. That is where you will be spending the night with the seventh grade boys. This room is bigger, so because there are more girls, this will be the room that they will use. As the boys filed into Mr. Lambert’s room, the seventh grade girls came into our room. We shut the door.

"Mrs. May?" Maddie Ballard asked, "can we move the desks?" Mrs. May shrugged.

"Fine with me," She replied. Once we had moved the desks, we all spread our coats on the ground. I took off my shoes and tossed them towards the front of the room by the whiteboard, so I wouldn’t have to sleep with them on. We all sat and continued our conversations for a while, and soon enough, we all fell asleep.

"Bzz...Bzzzzzz..Bzzz..." someone’s phone went off. Me, being a very light sleeper, awoke immediately. Where am I? Was my first thought. Then I remembered. The buzzing continued. It was Mrs. May’s phone, which was on her desk. She was still asleep. I looked at the clock. 7:30. Someone else stirred, and then awoke. It was Anna.

"That was so weird last night, huh, Erin?" she asked.

I nodded. "It sure was. I almost thought it was a dream when I woke up." Gradually, the others rose.

"What do we do for breakfast?" Haley Boschert asked.

"Good question," Sarah answered. "Maybe there’s something in the cafeteria."

"The storm!" I shouted. We all ran to the window. Bright, sunny, blue skies greeted us. Everyone cheered. I smiled. We heard the boys talking, and soon enough, they came over to our room.

"Let’s go outside!!" David Payne exclaimed. Everyone cheered a second time. Once I was outside, I stood in the middle of the field, looked up and closed my eyes. It felt good to have the sun on my face. I smiled. It was over at last.

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