A Dangerous Past

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Just a short story i found on my computer from I have no idea how long ago

Submitted: December 01, 2009

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Submitted: December 01, 2009



Sister Katherine and Sister Elizabeth were talking over dinner about the reasons why they became nuns. Sister Katherine said that she became a nun because of her religion and because she wanted to do good things for others. Sister Elizabeth was a little skiddish about telling why. It’s not that it was something to be ashamed of, but she just didn’t want Sister Katherine to know the truth. So after much debate about why Sister Elizabeth wouldn’t tell, Sister Katherine gave up and they both went to bed. But Sister Elizabeth woke up in the middle of the night after hearing something in the chapel. She got dressed and went to the chapel to see what it was. When she got in there, she saw two men stealing all the precious jewels from their cases. She was scared so she tried to hide from them, but she tripped in the rush to find a hiding place and the men heard her.
Sister Elizabeth was found in her room the next morning, dead. Sister Katherine had went into her room to try to convince her to tell her why she had become a nun and instead found this. She immediately ran to get the priest and called 911 to report it. Within half an hour, the police and many detectives were their to investigate the crime. Among them were detectives Lauren Robinson and Christian Davis. Who Sister Elizabeth was trying to lead to faith.
Sister Katherine quickly recognized them and talked to them to ask what they thought had happened. Detective Davis replied that a thief had stolen some jewels and Sister Elizabeth had evidently seen them. But, they had seen her too.
Then they interviewed Sister Katherine about what had happened last night and she told them about the dinner and their discussion. The detectives didn’t find any of that important so they didn’t even include it in the case report.
Later that day, while working on the case, Detective Robinson made a discovery in Sister Elizabeth’s room. A diary that Sister Elizabeth had written in everyday for two years. But, the last entry was from two weeks ago. She had run out of paper in it and must have got a new one. But they couldn’t find it she did.
Upon reading it, they made a huge discovery, Sister Elizabeth had written about her past before becoming a nun in one of the entries. They were shocked when they found out that she had once been a drug addict and had even been arrested a time or two. But at the age of 22, she became part of the church and at the age of 24 had become a nun. That was 12 years ago.
After reading further into the book they learned that her old friends from those drug addict times had not forgiven her for abandoning them like that. And they promised that they would come after her one day when she least expected it. But the diary failed to mention their names.
While Detective Robinson studied the diary, Detective Davis went back to the precinct and looked for any files about Sister Elizabeth’s arrest. He had a theory that the person who killed her might have been arrested with her before. He found the files, and turns out that she was arrested with three other people for possession of drugs. Among them, one of them had died a year earlier from a drug overdose and the other two were still living. But one of them had changed their name since then so he had to track down the file that contained their birth name in order to find the name that they had changed it to. He searched for hours and finally found it. But when he learned their new name, he nearly fainted. It was Sister Mary Jane, one of Sister Elizabeth’s close friends that had just recently became a nun about 4 months ago.
The other name was Marcus Anderson, who he did not recognize. But decided to do research on him as well as the other nun. He took two policemen with him and searched Sister Mary Jane’s room from head to toe. He hadn’t found anything after an hour of searching and had almost given up until he found a loose floorboard in the bottom of her closet. He pried it up and found the bag of jewels and Sister Elizabeth’s diary.
Sister Mary Jane was arrested and taken in to be questioned. But she refused to tell the names of the two men who helped her. But after three hours of questioning, she gave out and gave them the names of the people and told them where to find them.
The next day, the detective arrived at an old abandoned apartment complex with a squad of police. They charged into the building and found two men lying on the floor, high. After taking them to the precinct and waiting a day for the drugs to get out of their system, the detectives were able to question them.
They told the police that Sister Mary Jane was actually one of their close friends who had only joined the monastery to get close to Sister Elizabeth and find to give them a way into the chapel to get the jewels. They were the two men that Sister Elizabeth had been arrested with all those years ago. One of them had been assumed dead many years ago, even though he was still alive. So he appeared in the system as diseased. Which was perfect if you wanted to commit a crime.
Sister Mary Jane was the one who killed Sister Elizabeth while the other two got the jewels. But they all were tried and convicted of murder in the first degree. They are all on death row and all have the same execution date.
Sister Katherine never fully got over the death of her dearly beloved friend but did successfully help the detectives find the faith that Sister Elizabeth had tried to.

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