Dear Life Goals

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Life Dreams vs. Reality

Submitted: July 18, 2011

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Submitted: July 18, 2011



Dear Life Goals

(Dream vs. Reality)

Dear Mountain In the Distance

One day I will have the strength to climb you

Until then, wait for me

Dear Island in the Ocean

One day I will pay a visit to you

Until then, stay floating

Dear Airplane in the sky

One day I shall jump out of you and speed towards the earth

Until that day, continue on flying

Dear Unwritten Book

One day I will find the time to put words to page

Until then, stay close to my mind and my heart

Dear Movie Set

One day you will see me as a regular

Until then, I will stay on my small town stage

Dear Waterfall In the Woods

One day, I will shower under you

Until then, you can flow just the same

Dear Vegas Casino

One day, you will earn a great deal of my money

Until then, continue to earn everyone else’s

Dear Bathtub and Candles

One day the two of you will meet (maybe with bubbles too)

Until then, you are okay with being strangers

Dear Sun High in the Sky

One day, will watch you rise, and watch you set

Until then, you do fine without my audience

Dear Sign at the end of the Road

One day, you will be hanging in my bedroom

Until then, continue to do your job

Dear Rainstorm Coming Down

One day, I will kiss the man I love under your fall

Until then, the water is fine without us

Dear Heart

One day, I will fall in love and never hurt you again

Until then, it is just the two of us

Dear Harley Davidson Motorcycle

One day, the two of us will take a ride

Until then, enjoy your travels

Dear Scary Dangerous Shark

One day, I will swim with you in the ocean

Until then, continue being scary and dangerous

Dear Cute Surf Instructor

One day, you will teach me how to surf

Until then, continue sharing the experience

Dear Cuban Cigar

One day, I will taste of you in your own home

Until then, continue to please your people

Dear Tequila

One day, I will do at least one shot of you

Until then, continue to entertain others

Dear Unsuspecting Restaurant

One day, I will be bold enough to sing karaoke and not be embarrassed

Until then, enjoy the silence

Dear Little White Vegas Church

One day, no matter how cheesy, I will get married there

Until then, help many other happy (probably drunk) couples

Dear Ball Gown

One day, I will properly ballroom dance with a stunning date to lead me

Until then, remain patient on your hanger

Dear Scales

One day, I will look down and see my ideal weight

Until then, continue the mockery process

Dear Fear of Public Speaking

One day, I will overcome you and speak in front of thousands

Until then, please don’t make me talk out loud

Dear First Class Airplane Seat

One day, you will see me sitting in your section

Until then, remain just out of reach

Dear France

One day, I will visit and climb the tower and drink wine in a small café

Until then, stay mesmerizing

Dear Alabama Football Team

One day, I will come watch a live game at home

Until then, ROLL TIDE

Dear International Greetings

One day, I will be able to say “hello” in at least 20 languages

Until then, English is okay with me

Dear Beautiful Song

One day, I will learn to play the guitar

Until then, I will simply hum

Dear Mechanical Bull

One day, I will ride you in front of a crowd (and try to be successful)

Until then, I will be in training

Dear Intimidating Chess Game

One day, I will understand the game and its rules

Until then, continue to look impressive

Dear Rubik’s Cube

One day, I will successfully solve you on my own

Until then, I will continue to cheat

Dear Drunken State

One day, one time, I will reach you and celebrate

Until then, Ill be sober

Dear President of the United States

One day, we will shake hands

Until then, remain important and hid behind your guards

Dear Red Cross

One day, I will get up the nerve to donate blood

Until then, I will remain in hiding from needles

Dear Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

One day, I will see you in person

Until then, remain inside my television

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