Penny Love

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love poem

Explanation for the last part:
The penny thing: its a thing with me and my boyfriend, it's a long story, but basically we started flirting with each other by leaving pennies on each others vehicles when we saw it parked somewhere - i remember him leaving them on there so i would find them when i got out of school lol - but it's a thing we do, and i wrote about it - but i would never let him read it!

Submitted: July 10, 2011

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Submitted: July 10, 2011



Penny Love


By the way you look at me

With that longing in your eye

I can tell how much you love me

I just can’t understand why


You’re oh so perfect, dear

In every single way

From the amazing way you treat me

To the kind words you say


I wouldn’t lose you, baby

For anything here on earth

For nothing on this planet

Could ever match your worth


I want you with me forever

Oh the joy that would bring

Instead of living in winter

You’d bring me early spring


You’re worth your weight in gold

Or should I say in cents

For the copper of the penny

To us is more intense

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