This Young Woman Is Me

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A young woman who lives in a world of her own making. Who likes classic movies and old southern plantation homes. Who puts family first and tries to live right.

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



She lives in a world of her own making. Her life and style is punctuated by the books, movies, and music she surrounds herself with. Classic books about love, adventure, and mysteries give her an edge in life. Eighties movies are her favorite and old country love songs make her feel a connection to her heritage. She dreams to one day own a large white home like the classic southern belles once did and would give anything to be as pretty as Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. She spends her nights praying to God for her knight in shining armor to show up and save her: picturing him as rebellious as James Dean but with the strength and courtesy of John Wayne.


True freedom in her eyes is driving on an open highway in a sixty-five mustang with no destination and plenty of time. She wants to see the world and leave her mark in it. To her, writing is just a part of life. She knows that she will never be as good as the Bronte Sisters or even Mark Twain, but she feels like she has to get words on paper so that she will never be forgotten. She is honest and pure, and values her reputation more than anything else she owns. Family means the world to her and she would die before she betrayed them.


Her friends mean a lot to her, but she feels like she is often walked all over. She is used and betrayed by them throughout the year. She fights to keep friendships and tries to be the best friend she can possibly be, but never feels it in return. She hates to feel inferior to others, but is constantly being put down. She hates to not fit in, but feels like she is never given the chance. Money and clout aren’t that important to her, and she feels anger to those who put it first in life. In her mind, life is meant to be lived freely, not stuck by the rules of everyone else in society.


She goes through life trying to be loved by all. She craves acceptance, but only in a passive way. She wants others to see her as a loving and giving person. Happiness is achieved in her life with simple things. Cold nights by a fire with friends brings her joy, as does reading a good book while having a cup of hot coffee. Christmas is her favorite holiday and cold weather makes her happier than anything else.


This young woman is loving, kind, and accepting of all. She strives to be the best person she can be and holds her standards and morals high. She has her ups and downs, but tries to make them balance. There are things in her life that aren’t perfect, but she struggles make them seem as if they are. She fights to make her life right, just as everyone should. This young woman is me.

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