Let Me Light Up The Sky

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Zelink One-Shot. As on my profile I said I'm a Legend of Zelda fan well I decieded to whip this up! If you don't know the Legend of Zelda well its usually about Link, a young hylian boy is sent out on adventures to save Hyrule. The Princess Zelda is mostly the dasmel in distress. It's a great series! But the actully summary of this story is Link sees Zelda upset and decides to brighten her day a bit. Inspired by YellowCard's Let Me Light Up The Sky

Submitted: June 25, 2011

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Submitted: June 25, 2011



Zelda sat on her throne, a little depressed. Malon, one of her best friends was moving away to Termina and now she felt a lonley. Sighing, she left her throne and went outside where she would rather be. There she heard hooves pound against the ground and she turned to see her hero; Link and his horse Epona. The burnette Princess waved and the blonde haired hero came to a stop. "Hello Princess, It's a bit late for you to be out, don't you think?" He asked.

She shrugged and responded, "I don't need to be told what to do." 

"I was suggesting." 

Zelda shot a glare at Link and he smiled. They both knew she wouldn't do anything to him that being they were really close friends. He chuckled bet Zelda frowned and he noticed, "Zel, what's wrong?" 

"I lost another friend Link, Its like because I'm a princess I can't hold down any friends." The burenette spoke.

"Zelda,"The princess was shocked, she had never heard Link be so serious, "I've been your friend for seven years, I'll stay with you forever. I won't leave you for too long." He spoke.

She gulped and moved towards Link and asked, "Promise me?" 

They felt each others breath and he gently kissed her before answering, "I promise. I'll always be there to light up your sky." 

The young woman looked up at her hero before whispering," That's what you're good at."

"You have no idea what I would do for you, Zellie." He said and rested his forehead against hers. 

"Then tell me."

Link chuckled and gently shook his head. "I would die for you, a thousand times."

"I can beat that."


"I love you Link." 

The Hero of Time pulled himself from the Hyrulian Princess and gazed into her blue eyes and she gazed back. "I love you more Zelda!" He answered before smiling hugely.

She shoved Link in the chest playfully and he chuckled. "I love you most!" She declared and stuck her tounge out at him which was very un-princess like but she could care less at the moment. Then she took off running. "Oh no you don't!" Link yelled and chased after her playfully.

She giggled as she ran more before Link captured her in his strong arms. She squealed and tried to wiggle from his grasp but couldn't. The young man placed a kiss on her lips and she smiled and returned the embrace.

Link up woke up the next morning to see his Princess in his arms. She smiled in her sleep and Link couldn't help but laugh softly. The guards came looking for her but once they noticed she was with Link; they knew she was in good hands. As everyone should know.

THE END of part 1

I think it came out pretty well ^-^

If you don't know who the characters are well here they are

\"Epona Epona

\"Artwork Link

\"Princess Zelda

Legend of Zelda rightfully belongs to Nintendo

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