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A girl broke his heart and he is about to give her a present for Valentine's day which she will never forget.

Submitted: April 29, 2013

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Submitted: April 29, 2013




The night provided the cover of darkness. All of his body was dressed in black. Grey eyes were exposed, scanning the street that lay before him. Bangs hung in front of his face, the wind moving them slightly. His eyes took rest at a cottage most near him at the end of the row of houses. A golden glow reached from the windows, touching the coldness of the street with its warmth but always failing to warm it. The never ending waiting for something to happen is always filling the mind of the waiter of the thing they were waiting for.

Some people wait and waste their precious seconds of life for a bus and think of their destination. Others wait for a glimpse of an angel and think of a miracle.

Moving closer to the cottage he felt his heart grow stronger with the poison of love. The one who had poisoned his heart was the angel whom he was waiting for. He did not consider love as a blessing but as a curse. A poison seeping deep inside your veins and reaching your heart to expose its core to the love. Exposed as it is, a heart can get easily hurt, broken and shattered, the pieces spread over the universe to fade away into the stars.

A heart lost to humankind. This evening was to bring back his heart or to destroy it forever.

A single person walked through the empty street. Grey eyes followed his every move, heart pounding faster of nerves. Dressed in casual clothing and with a red box in his hands, the person stopped in front of the cottage. The man, or rather boy, stood still and watched the red door in front of him whispering something to himself, a whisper lost for the waiter to hear. 

The boy moved closer, the golden glow of cottage warmth falling over him and lighting his face. Eyes were sparkling in the glow, the smile was flashing broad and wide, a vampire hungry for the love which had poisoned his heart.

He knocked, placed the red box behind his back and swallowed.

The waiter watched, held his breath.

Inside both the waiter as the visitor heard the talking in the cottage cease for some moments and then the door was opened. Gold flew into the night and warmed the visitor immediately. Before him emerged the angel, the gold making her shine even more, hair waving softly in the cold wind.

All beauty ceased to be beautiful compared with her. 

The visitor smiled more and greeted the angel before him.

A smile which could rip apart a thousand souls came upon her lips. The waiter breathed loud and felt all the love he carried for her return, caught around his throat and pulling tight. Gasping for his breath he closed his eyes and listened.

“I wanted to surprise you earlier, before any other lovers had the change to do so”, the visitor said, his voice smooth.

“You are too sweet. What is it?”

Her voice was the sweetest of all, dripping with honey and adoring promises.

Opening his eyes he saw how the visitor had revealed the red box. Hands reached out and took the present, ready to tear it apart like a monster taking a prey.

“Not yet my sweetheart. Do this later, back in your room. I know I may not get inside your house, so when you go back inside again and open the present later, you will have something to think off all night”, he said, his hands cupping her cheeks. She smiled, again that terrible, beautiful smile.

Their lips met.

His heart exploded.

Pain seeped inside of him and he looked away from the love before him. All of his body felt sore and hurt. No outer pain could equal the inner pain of being torn apart by an angel.

Pain came from him in the shape of tears, rolling down his cheeks.

The kiss stopped and they laughed softly.

“I should go back inside before my parents start to wonder who it is”, she said, her voice thick of lust.

“Yes, even though it will break my heart to see you go back inside”, he said.

As much as the waiter was in pain he smiled a broken smile at the phrase.

A smile which held the purest of hate. The angel bend forward and her lips met with the ear of the visitor. Pure sweetness dripped from her voice as she said:

“Your present will be great but nothing will be greater than to have your heart”

Holding his breath, the waiter tried to recover from the déjà vu. One so strong that for some moments, he glowed as much as the boy who had received the sign of love.

“You will get all of me, including my heart.  I love you”, he said and placed a kiss on her lips.

A sparkle reached her sapphire eyes and she smiled more than ever. All of her was exposed, inviting love, not caring for consequences. Her world was as beautiful as her and in those moments she was unnaturally pretty. As if her being was crafted from gold and sapphire, as if her smile could warm a thousand of moons, as if the world spun around her being.

The voice coming from her shattered his heart forever.

“I love you too”

The waiter turned his head away from all that was happening before him, shutting himself out from the scene and lay on the ground. Tormented and broken he gasped for air and tried to find reason for this cruel punishment.

As far as love comes, it brings little reason to those who have fallen from its grace.

A door closed and the waiter opened his eyes. With the sound of a closing door, all reason came back to his mind. Filled with the plan he was about to execute, he looked at the boy leaving the cottage. The visitor stared at the cottage and its golden glow for some more moments before walking back into the street.

He rose from the darkness and walked slowly, keeping an eye on the visitor. The street was silent and the wind blew softly. His soul was burning as he followed the visitor and kept an eye on him. Love made one blind, on more ways than one. Not once did the visitor turn his head to see who was making the noise behind him, not once did he stop his journey to look around. Love came to the advantage of the predator seeking its prey.

A car was parked alongside the road and the visitor was searching for the keys in his pockets. As he found them, he tossed them in the air to catch them again. Full of playfulness, he approached the vehicle. The man slowly bend to grab a rock. One would expect him to tremble, to feel fear, to be nervous.

He was utterly calm.

Hatred calmed down all the emotions flowing within. Darkness provided a cover as he moved closer to his prey. Without thinking he moved faster and raised the rock in his hand. Within seconds he was able to touch the visitor. From the windows in the vehicle he saw a fast moving shadow approach. Love was broken by a sense of urgency to turn around.

With one hit the visitor was laying on the floor.

As calmly as he could, he grabbed the keys of the car and opened it. Throwing in the rock first, he then dragged in the limb body of the visitor. When all was packed in the car, he climbed behind the steering wheel and started the engine. For some moments he closed his eyes. A rush of guilt came through him as he realised what had happened. Guilt was swallowed by hatred once more and the lust for vengeance overgrew all other emotion.

Smiling the smile of hate once more, he drove away from the quiet street.

Pale light from a single light bulb shone upon the naked body of the visitor. Even though he was drugged, he knew that the visitor was about to wake any moment.

Walking around in the basement room he watched the knifes lay on a side table, their blades shimmering in the pale light. Aside of the knifes, lay a blood red box. It was clothed with golden satin from the inside. His hands touched the soft satin, remembering her skin, the smoothness of a touch. Lost in reverie he returned to the real world as he heard a sound.

The visitor was waking.

Eyes opened and blinked and tried to determine where he was. The visitor tried to sit up but found himself chained to the table with handcuffs. Panic went through his body as he realised what had happened. He tried to speak but the panic silenced him. From the darkest corners he watched the visitor in his panic. Not a bit of sadness or mercy entered his emotions as he walked closer, revealing himself to the prey.

Once in sight the visitor stared at him, eyes wide of fear. Licking his lips he tried to utter some words to the complete stranger before him. Questions rose but were locked away out of fear. He tried to seek answer in the grey stare but found only confusion.

Looking down at the visitor he felt that inner feeling of vengeance raise its head and growl. Being in power over the life and soul of a single person felt unnatural at first but the more he looked at his prey, the more he realised how much hatred he carried inside of him. All of his heart had been broken by a chain of events which had torn his soul apart.

Nothing could save him.

Nothing would stop him.

Moving himself to the side table he knew that the visitor kept his fearful eye upon him, noticing his every move. The shining blades lay there, ready to cut anything apart. His hand slid over the top of the blade. It felt cold. Deadly.

Taking a small knife in his right hand he moved back to the man on the table. Once the visitor saw the knife he shouted.

“No! Please, don’t do anything to me! I haven’t harmed anyone!”

The pleads of mercy did little to set his mind from the goal he wanted to achieve. Taking a firmer hold of the blade in his hand he moved it closer. More shouts and cries arose but he pushed those away. He lay a flat hand on the chest of the visitor, who was at this point crying of fear. Salty tears erupted from his eyes and streamed down his cheeks.

His beautiful dream of a lover had turned into a nightmare after leaving her.

Pushing the man down more, he pressed the tip of the blade against his skin and, without any hesitation, broke the skin and moved the blade downwards.

The night was dark but clear. Inside her warm house of gold and fire, she snuggled her cat close to her. The bell rang twice. Looking around she wondered who or what it could be. Her lover had appeared the night before with his present, so this could not be him.

She rose from the couch and walked to the front door.

As she opened the door, nothing but cool air greeted her. Looking around she saw no one in the street.

As if no one had ever been there.

Sighing she thought it had been children who wanted to pull a joke, until she looked down and saw a blood red box. It had a pink bow wrapped around it and a letter was placed under the bow.

She bend and picked up the box. It felt heavy and she held it under her arm as she reached for the letter. It was perfumed with the sweetest scent of roses. Whoever sent her this, must love her a great deal, or so she thought. The exquisite looking box was almost too hard to ignore. Nevertheless she took the letter first to determine who might have sent her this.  Opening the letter she discovered a text, written in a dark red ink. At once her sapphire blue eyes scanned the text carefully.


“My sweet darling angel,


Upon this day, a day for all lovers,

I present you with the biggest token

Of love.

You have asked to be in the heart

Of the one you love.

With this gift I shall show you

Were you are inside

My heart.

To me you were an angel.

As of now, my sweetheart, open this gift

And see what therein lies.

May this be the lesson of my love.

I hope your nights shall not be

Clouded with the dreaded nightmares

Of past ghosts, my fallen angel.


Forever yours,


Your Valentine”


Confused by the letter she placed it aside and looked at the red box. Carefully, she opened the bow. Gracefully, it fell down the box. For some moments a cloud of hesitation entered her mind. The letter had not been the kindest of all. It had been drenched with mystery and an underlying hate. However, her curiosity was bigger than her confusion.

Her hands opened the box and saw golden satin inside. Her hands moved over it, feeling the smooth fabric. Underneath lay something for her. It was her gift.

She lifted the fabric.

A shout erupted from her throat and echoed through the silent street. The girl dropped the box and then ran inside. The door was open and the golden glow of the house shone down upon the opened box. Lying on the golden satin was a bloodied human heart, which shimmered in the light of gold and warmth.


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