It All Starts With Waking Up

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Two girls share a past. They are opposites and when they run into each other again their lives are changed forever

Submitted: October 23, 2011

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Submitted: October 23, 2011



It All Starts With Waking Up


She was lying on her bed. The sheets were in a tangled sweaty heap; she had a bad dream. She always had a bad dream. She dropped her feet to the cold stone ground. A shiver crawled up her body. She saw herself in the mirror her long black hair stretched past her butt. She frowned and punched the mirror, shattering it. Dark black blood oozed out of her hand

“I am angry, unhappy, and full of hate,” She yelled at the person standing behind her.  The man standing behind her was cruel. He wore scrubs and had a twisted smile. He had deep circles under his eyes. He looked exhausted but ready to kill. He was chalky and scrawny yet no one would think of him as weak. His smile was more twisted than the one that she possessed. She turned and there was no one there. Her anger made her hands ball up into fists and shake. She screamed in frustration and pulled herself into the past. She looked at the prehistoric world in front of her eyes. Her feet were deep in mud. She smiled and pulled her right foot out and stomped on a Protosuchians’s (enormous crocodile) head before its teeth were able to puncture her smooth white calf. She looked down at it. It fell limp and blood was gushing out of the wound she had made. The water at her ankles turned red. She crouched down, getting her short, gothic dress wet with the bloody water. She caressed the large reptiles head. Then she ripped out its brain. She studied it with a slight interest. Then she dropped it to the water, deciding it was not as interesting as a humans’ brain.

She dissolved the past and returned to her present. She unlaced the corset tightly wrapped around her and pulled of her fish net tights off. She pulled off her short dress; the material of her dress was made of vinyl that fit tightly around her body. It was stitched together with brilliant red thread that matched her striking eyes. The dress hugged her waist and then the white skirt she wore under it helped it puff out at her waist. She sat down on the bed and unlaced her black shoes. She sighed as she pulled them off.

“Ughh I am going to need to get my favorite dress washed,” she pouted, “I hate interacting with people, but those humans serve useful in situations like this and they hold treasures inside of them.” She quickly dressed herself normally, in a skirt and an apparently fashionable shirt with a lot of cleavage, since this was a normal outing. She took two ribbons and put her hair into two pigtails to make her appear innocent. She figured that with her innocent bow ties and distracting cleavage she could keep eyes away from her face. She walked through her grand library to get to the cleaners that she thought did an exceptional job.

She rang the bell inside the small quaint shop. A teenage boy rushed to the front, he looked into her radiant red eyes and smiled.

“How may I help you?” He sang happily.

She placed her clothing on the counter.

“How are you?” he said obviously trying to flirt. She was irresistible. She felt like every man she saw felt the need to gawk at her. Even though she was fierce, she had soft facial features. Her skin was extremely light colored. Her brilliant red eyes were the only intimidating part of her face. His eyes wandered down to her large breasts. She shot an livid scowl at him. When she wore these stupid revealing teenage clothes everyone thought of her as nothing more than desirable eye candy. She hated it but it was necessary for her to blend in. She wished she were in her intimidating dark clothes that were compatible with her personality. She thought about how reveling her dark clothing were; she knew it was hypocritical but she didn’t care.

“I am fine,” She grimaced before she forced a normal smile. She saw the blood pumping through his face. She imagined punching him and making him fly across the room into the back, blood staining the perfectly clean clothes. She shook her head and forced her smile back to a normal one.

He saw the blood on the clothes and linked it to her scary twisted smile. His flirty mood died instantly. He practically bowed to her and walked to the back of the humble shop. She cursed quietly to herself as she exited.

“Why can’t I act normal I am going to blow my cover and then I will have to move again,” She growled. She thought about her name the media had given her, The Raven. Since she didn’t have a name she adopted this silly nickname. She was reminded of her unknown past. She grabbed onto a nearby telephone line. She almost ripped it down but was able to rationalize her thoughts.

“I need to kill something, it will calm me down a little,” she mumbled, barely audible.  She saw a small cheery blond teen walking toward her. The Raven pulled her unique killing smile on. She ran inhumanly fast at the small blond girl. The blonde screeched before she pulled her throat out. The blood sprayed out all over the Raven’s average clothing, which were supposed to help her fit in. She looked down at the girl who had stopped squirming under her. The Raven remembered her. This girl had helped her choose this outfit out. She was responsible for her entire normal wardrobe.

Even though she was already dead she whispered into the blonde’s ear, “Thank you, too bad I can’t control my facial expressions.” The Raven smiled at the girl remembering: the long trip to the mall, how hard she had wished to kill and harvest the girl, and how ridiculous she looked the entire time. She laughed maliciously. She got her wish.

The Raven unclipped her skull hairpin that she always wore. She remembered how the blonde had whined at her to take it off since it apparently clashed with her outfit. She grinned like the skull, as she drew the small one-inch blade out of the skulls head. She pinched the blade firmly between her middle and fore finger. She took the blonde’s shirt off and made a large incision on her belly. She stuck her hand in and pulled back the skin. She grabbed onto her intestines and pulled them out with great care. She examined them careful and then yanked them out. They weren’t worth keeping. She unfortunately did the same thing with the rest of her organs excluding her skin.

“I really thought that this would have at least one displayable organ,” the Raven sighed. She looked back at her face. Her lips were plump and colorless. She smeared the blonde’s own blood on the colorless lips. She frowned at her.

“At least she has untouched skin,” The Raven pulled the lifeless body over her shoulder and walked calmly back to her house, deep under this town.

The Raven put the body on a table that held things at the perfect height. Then she spent the rest of the night tuning the skin into a bloody mess. She took her frustration out on the poor girl’s last intact organ.



She was lying on her bed. The sheets were in a tangled sweaty heap; she had a bad dream. She always had a bad dream. She dropped her feet to the cold wood floor. A shiver crawled up her body. She saw herself in the mirror her long white hair stretched past her butt. She frowned and punched the mirror, shattering it. Shiny white blood oozed out of her hand.


Lilia cursed and tears leaked out of her eyes. She remembered her mom yelling at for disobeying her. Her mom had grabbed a piece of the mirror she had previously smashed and put it to her wrist forcing her blood to seep out. Lilia moved back to her bed and cried.

Her dad died before she was born and she had no siblings. She was alone with her irrational mother. Her mom wouldn’t hesitate to punish her daughter. She was brutal and stubborn, but she got a hard-working, kind, perfect, obedient, loving daughter that she wanted, named Lilia. Lila’s name was the only thing she had from her dad. That was all he left behind for her but she though it was plenty and loved it with all her might.

Lilia clenched onto the sheets and let her tears soak her pillowcase. She pulled her quilt over her body. She calmed herself down with deep breaths and rational thoughts. She put the mirror back together telepathically. She saw her father in the mirror again but controlled herself this time. He disappeared and she sighed.

“I need to be more mature, I am the protector of this region and I need to think only about my people not fussing about my self esteem and family life,” she said with enthusiasm. She telepathically opened her wardrobe. She walked over to it and peered inside looking at all of the lightly colored dresses. She grabbed a white cotton dress.  She closed it telepathically while walking over to her dresser. She gabbed two large white lacy bows and a necklace with the protection charm hanging on it. Every protector got a charm; it was a triangle with a square inside of it. She tied it carefully around her neck. Then she put her hair in two long ponytails.

She closed her eyes and dissolved the area around her and replaced it with an area she needed to fix. Her feet sunk in the mud. She stared down at the large crocodile in front of her. This beast had died in a way that shouldn’t have. She saw its brain next to it. A shiver ran up her spine. This was not the work of something living in this time period. No living organism of this time would have killed something and not eaten it much less take out its brain. She gently put the poor crocodiles brain back into its head than careful fused its head back together. She then gingerly brushed her lips against its head to return its life that had been taken wrongfully.

Without delay it snapped her arm off. Her silvery blood feel upon the monster and it stopped as if stunned. She winced at her detached arm. It was a weird feeling to see one of your limbs not attached to you. She cautiously opened its mouth and removed her arm from its jaws. She cringed as she reattached her arm. She lightly touched its head and looked into its past. She saw the girl, who appeared to be the same age as her. She knew who did it; it was the same person who had killed, Joan Baez, Jacob Brown, Rachel Carson and many others. Lilia had brought all of them back from the dead and each one had the same dark girl in their eerie past.  She was dark, evil, and cruel. She had inhuman strength. She possessed the power to travel through time. The girl could hide her past, present, and future from Lilia as well.

Lilia was scared. This wasn’t supposed to happen. There wasn’t supposed to be someone who could travel through time, they needed to be a protector to posses the power. There wasn’t supposed to be someone who she couldn’t see their past present and future. This girl had killed so many people in the past. Shaking with fear, Lilia returned to her present, which was also The Raven’s present.

The Raven was sitting in her library. It was bigger than any other in the world. She had pride in it, but still kept it a secret. This was her library and no one else’s, beside no one else would appreciate it as much as she did. No eyes had ever seen it before. Each piece she polished, and made stunning and beautiful, though she could never make it look as perfect as it did when it first got ripped from the body. She stood staring up at all of the stomachs. She had over 100 of each organ. She gently paced her fingers on the jar that held her favorite stomach. Its completion was perfect. It was beautiful. The color was a nice even pink. She smiled adoringly at it. She remained tantalized by it for the rest of the night; she didn’t dare move a single muscle in case it might break her deep connection with it. She felt closer to these organs than she did to: any human she had ever She woke up cold. She ran to the shower to get the blood off of her from the small blonde. Then she quickly dressed and taped her broken mirror back together. When she looked into the mirror she gasped.

Lilia wrapped a blanket around her cold body. She was tired but she needed to work. She needed to protect this world. She forced herself to her feet. She slammed her hand against her refection in the mirror. She closed her large blue eyes. She thought about her punishment she would get if she didn’t fix this world and restore balance. That man would cut her open. He would observe her organs and smile in her pain. Her mom would give no sympathy she would let that man turn her into a test subject. She sometimes questioned the council.

She remembered when she had gone to work with her mother. She was bouncing down the hall when she was halted by a screech. Her mom explained to her why that girl was having tests done on her. She had done something wrong and needed to make it up to the council by allowing them to do tests on her. This frightened Lilia. She didn’t know that her mom was lying, and that the girl behind the door had not done anything wrong, except fail in her mother’s eyes.

The man performing the tests walked out. He was wearing scrubs that were spotted with a dark black liquid. He was cruel; you could see it in his twisted smile. He had deep circles under his eyes yet he looked alert and ready to kill. This man was scrawny yet he seemed stronger than anyone.

She opened her bright eyes. She stared at herself in the mirror. She had a sweet face with soft facial features. Her breast were larger than average. Her skin was practically white because of how pale she was. All of sudden refection changed; her pure white hair was black, instead of her cheery clothes she had on all black, but her bright red eyes were what shocked her the most. Everything else stayed exactly the same. She realized who was on the other side of her mirror. The girl who haunted her. Her sister. The girl behind the door.  She panicked and the world around her dissolved. It was replaced with organs. She could see them floating in jars all around her. She ran where her heart was telling her. She barged into a room and saw her. The Raven.

The Raven was slouched down on the ground. For the first time, instead of anger she felt sad. Tears were slowly rolling down her cheeks. She cried out. Lilia bent down and held The Raven in her arms.

“It will be okay, sister,” she whispered to her sister.

The Raven quickly stood up and dashed to the other side of the room. The only person in the world she was scared of was the doctor who created her, both of them. They both had malfunctions one was too kind and the other was evil.

“Why am I here,” She cried out. She screeched at Lilia when she took a step closer. Lilia cringed as she remembered the memory with the exact same screech in it. “I am not sure but I think we were both created by the council”

“What is the council?” she croaked.

“An organization kind of, the assign protectors to keep balance in the world. “How… do you know … I am your… sis…sister,” she stammered.

“I can feel it our hearts are connected,” she smiled. She took several steps toward her sister.

The Raven screamed, “Stop I don’t want you near me.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, I just want to see what color you blood is”

“Get away or… or I will kill myself,” She unclipped her skull hairpin.

Lilia could feel a dagger of sadness being dragged through her heart. She took several steps away from her sister. She could feel tears welling up insider of her.

“I am sorry I didn’t mean to upset you,” she said warily.

The Raven had her knife pressed against her neck; her black blood trickled down her neck. Lilia cried realizing that it was her sister blood splattered on that mans scrubs.

“I am so sorry for you,” Lilia cried softly.

“Please you don’t need to kill yourself… we can work this out,” she pleaded.

Lilia felt connected to the girl in font of her. She had never cared about anyone as much as her in her life. She wanted to embrace her and protect her. She wanted to throw the stupid knife out of the room. But her sister was irrational and scared. She would commit suicide if she stepped closer.

The Raven was shaking in fear. The girl in front of her knew her…and her past, what she had done. He heart was pounding in her ears. She wasn’t supposed to be scared of anyone. The girl’s bright blue eyes stared right into her. She felt violated, confused, angry, and sad. She didn’t want to admit it but she felt connected with the blue-eyed girl crying in front of her. She hated feeling so venerable so scared. She wasn’t supposed to feel this was. She was supposed to be strong and furious. This person inside her right now was not her. She drew the blade across her throat, ending her life. The last noise she heard was her sister screaming out in pain.

Lilia ran next to her. She threw herself on the ground next to her dead sister’s body. She tried to bring her back from the dead but her efforts were futile. The Raven was dead, the world would rejoice, the world would return to the way it was supposed to, everything would be right. Lilia held her sister in her arms and wailed. She smothered the corpse in her tears. She loved the girl she had just met more than anything else. She would gladly trade the life of all these people on this planet for her sister’s back. Lilia could not function properly. She was never supposed to meet her opposite in this world.

Lilia pried the blade from her hands and slit open her wrist. She carful pained a ying yang sign realizing she needed and wanted to kill herself. She needed to die with the other half. She dragged the blade across her neck, ending her life.

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