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Submitted: January 30, 2012

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Submitted: January 30, 2012



there are those who act as if misery & torment

do not exist in this world,

as if they are somehow immune to the storms,

as if when it rains, it rains

around them---

yet though they may act as such,

behind the curtain lies a knowledge of others

suffering &

the suffering of oneself deep inside

pulsates & echoes

like a person playing steel drums with a


but to ignore gives no means of escape,

unless one has found a way to reach into the brain

& tear out all that which is

conscious of the world around themselves. 


and though there may be drugs that can relieve the


for a while,

it always comes back &

though the cycle of anesthetization will increase,

there is no certain way to keep it up perpetually.


it is the horrible, the terrible, the frightful & the

most difficult,

that needs to be confronted more often---

it needs to be investigated, embraced &


so that the act of denial will be overrun by a new

way of seeing that only through uncovering all that is


will we ever progress & improve ourselves.

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