once innocent

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i am sure there are millions out there

Submitted: June 13, 2008

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Submitted: June 13, 2008



Once innocent
Staring into the vulnerable state of a beauty uncovered
Captured in a timeless frame
Page after page
One day to be called a husband’s beloved
I can’t put you down
I can’t get you out of my head
Blaming you in your shameless state of passion
What are you doing to my marriage bed?
I need to go I can’t stay
This feels so good
You can have your way
Leave now
I understand
Tomorrow you will have me in your hand
Go on
Go home
Lie to the one you are rejecting
Over flowing lips with words of deception
I love you
Can’t you see?
I will create the mood
In the shadow of a burning candle
I can’t get myself to plant the seed
Rejection is once again
On top of its game
Felt in the heart of my true beloved
Who will one day tell me that she’s had it
I knew you’d come back for me
Shut up you slut
What do you know?
I am only here to get rid of this sorrow
A subscription of 12$ yearly
Enter a world of lust and deception
In the end you will pay dearly
For women with no affection
Once innocent
With a heart that could love
A created monster
Calling on the one above
Save me from myself
Before it’s too late
Hell is living in me
Me my true beloved hates
I am closing this chapter
The ties are broken
I am set free
By two words spoken

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