Speak, Not Shout

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic

Speak softly and politely when you speak to others. How many of us keep this in mind, when we accuse someone? Quite often we over-react, unaware of the degree of damage caused; it might hurt someone. Learn to discuss, and not blame.

Speak, Not Shout
We were taught in our childhood
To admit a mistake made, or a wrong done,
To be honest, and always be polite,
Yet be candid, and be able to speak your mind.
Communicate better, we were told,
After we grew up, so that
You are clearly understood.
I do make myself heard very clearly,
People understand me very well.
I am very clear and candid in my words,
Though, I always listen to others,
Before I open my mouth.
But how can you talk to some one,
Who answers a caustic question, you have
Never dreamt of asking,
Comes with incredulous explanations for something could have been done,
Finds faults with a work that
Is yet to be done.
How can you talk to some one
Who never lets you speak?
And does all the talking himself or herself?
And this is a mix of complains, allegations, and charges,
For which you are not responsible.
Can you really talk to someone,
Who treats you like a sandbag
For sharpening one’s verbal abuses,
On a regular basis?
All of us have met these “some ones” some time in our lives,
In our bosses in office, co-passengers in public transports, in-laws at home, or,
Even our spouses.
Do not try to teach these “some ones”,
The art of correct communication or good manners,
Rather, ask them very politely to go back to schools and,
Learn once again, to talk like a human being,
And not bark like a dog.

Submitted: December 24, 2008

© Copyright 2021 pearlinanoyster. All rights reserved.

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i got the alert mail today regd ur new post and i am glad i came here...trust me i have that volatile temper and i say things without thinking at all when i am angry but i react only when people poke me...But after reading this i am so ashamed that u being so young have so much patience and here i am not being patient at all...

will surely try to imbibe the message in this poem...because if i do this , then i would sleep peacefully and will ignore all depressing thoughts too...

Wed, December 24th, 2008 7:32pm


Thanks for appreciating and understanding. In fact, we all make the mistake of not listening to others and being insensitive. I believe, if clothes maketh a man, his words speak his mind... and one should choose his words with care.

Thu, January 8th, 2009 2:22am

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