A lost memory

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short , gladiator like story .

Submitted: November 12, 2011

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Submitted: November 12, 2011



I woke up , I was on hard concrete floor , blood was splattered all over me . I remembered nothing , who I was or where I am , a body was beside me , it lay still . Silence filled the air , I sat up, taking notice of my surroundings . I heard footsteps , I still had no idea where I was , but I knew I had to escape , I quickly hid in a small barrel , ' Click ' , the door opened , it was a guard , he looked around and shouted , " Treach is gone! " . I guessed my name is Treach , but why did I kill that guy ? I jumped out of the barrel , kicking the guard in the face , he blacked out . I took his sword and keys , I ran out of the room , there were signs on the wall , pointing towards the exit , I knocked out and stabbed many guards. At last , I finally reached out of the prison I was in , I blacked out . When I awoke , I was in the same room that I started from , " Hah! Treach , Treach , Treach.. YOU THINK YOU CAN ESCAPE ME? Never! No one ever escapes .. Alive " a man in a black cloak said. I asked , " Who are you and where am I ? " The man was stunned , he roared , " I am the great wizard, Aagardo! This is the Falconi ring! " . I understood partly what he said , I was in the Falconi ring , he was Aagardo . Aagardo called for a guard , the guard dragged me into another room , Aagardo then said, " Better prepare for your next fight , Treach . " He walked away laughing , a match ? I thought to myself , I was given a small sword, I was prepared , suddenly , a wall opened up , another man was there , he charged at me , I dodged his attacks but he stabbed me in the chest , I fell to the ground , screaming in pain , I finally understood what this was about , it was something like gladiators , but I didn't think I was a slave , I probably did it on my own accord. I closed my eyes , taking my last breath then blackness .. All I wanted was to remember who I was. 


Author's Note 

Hello there ! This is my first short story , I hope you enjoyed it . :)

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