Follow the yellow brick Road!

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Its nearly the script for NCIS!!!

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012




Well I was trying to sleep . . . but it seems the munchkins think the witch is dead. . . headex time . .
they are now following the yellow brick road. . because because because!
I'm sure they must be able to write an alternative version where the bad witches fry the munchkins on a spit. . maybe with barbecue sauce!
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      Jules Frost then the lion could of already had a heart and eat the little dog . . and hasn't the tin man heard of acid rain. .although tin is a good price lets recycle him. . hey she needs a car to get down the yellow brick road. . . and the scarecrow will make good fuel to barbecue the munchkin. .
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      Jules Frost Dorothy will need a gun or tazzer or something because if she seeing all this stuff someone fed her to many mushrooms of the wrong kind. So she will need to defend herself, when she wakes up. 

      Then she could clean up the emerald city from the drug lord that is the wonderful wizard of ozz . . 

      Its not Dog the bounty Hunter its Dorothy the the great ozz Hunter. . .
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      Jules Frost It turns out that the black witch's are secret agents trying to help dorothy, but dorothy gets carried away and tazzers them....
      Not just once but several times because she likes the way it makes them jigger around. . .
      They wasnt much help after that, just kind quibbling wibbling kind of jelly witch.... a Wibleitch if you like....
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      Jules Frost So she got to face the Great Ozz alone!
      No help and Tazzers with no batteries because she fried them on the black witches....

      The Great ozz has his great powers and the drug running, child kidnapping, super ompa lompa's the munchkins... on his side..
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      Jules Frost It all looks bad for dorothy as she face the Great ozz with dozens of henchmen in a Dark alley way....
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      Jules Frost Dorothy gets past henchman and is face to face with the great ozz....
      Middle aged bald man about 5ft2 in his high heels.... She Tazzers him.... But doesnt get the frazzle  she expects... Low batteries.... 

      He pulls out his shot gun and aims it at her head.... Give in dorothy come work for me.... I will show you the Dark Side!

      Dorothy says never I will never work for you... Never you hear...
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      Jules Frost never .... I will never..... ever..... ever .eve.........ev ..............e
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      Jules Frost Dorothy wakes up in Jail. Guilty on possesion of strange and mind altering mushrooms!!!!! and tazzering anyone who does not like them........... Where she lives happily ever after.
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      Jules Frost Its nearly the script for NCIS!!!


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