Remember That One Night?

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This was the event in August of 2009 that changed my life.

Submitted: March 26, 2010

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Submitted: March 26, 2010



Do you remember?

Breathe....Breathe....Breathe.... That's all we thought. Just breathe. Everything will be fine. We'll never get caught. Thirteen years of life. Thirteen years of undying friendship, thirteen years of trust, of rebellion. One night of growing up, letting go and making the biggest decision of our young lives. To tell you the truth, we were the most innocent teenagers. Too innocent to be sneaking out. Way too innocent to be sneaking out with boys. Older boys, at that. And, while we're being honest, we didn't care. At all.

Backdoors are louder than most people think. I mean, how often do you just slide open the backdoor to let the dog out or whatever and it makes this godawful noise, but it doesn't affect you because you're not trying to be quiet? Well, while trying to be quiet, those devilish doors seem like they've been sent from hell just to get you busted. Fate was on our side apparantly because it didn't wake up my parents. And we didn't get yelled at that night by anyone other than my older sister. We felt absolutely invincable as we stepped into the night that would forever change our young lives.

This girl I was with, she wasn't just some random friend. No, she was my best friend, Morgan. And as we walked quietly across the street she grabbed my hand. We were both very afraid. Of everything. Of the darkness around us, the boys we were walking towards, the night ahead of us. But our adrenaline covered any amount of fear worth acting upon any more than just that comfort. We were excited, scared and worrisome all at the same time. And we loved it.

When he finally opened the door, Chris looked me right in the eye.

"Hi there." That's lie his signature line with me. Everytime we've ever seen each other, it's the first thing he says.

"Hey." We both said and looked around us. On the floor in front of the TV, his brother Alex lay asleep. He had no clue there were two girls he'd known forever in his living room. Nor did his parents. Behind Chris and to the side a little, stood a slightly short boy. He was the same age as Chris and kind of cute, I guess. I'm much too attracted to my cute neighbor boy to care, honestly.

We were quickly and quietly unshered up the stairs to Chris's bedroom. His house has the exact same layout as mine. I knew exactly where I was going and all of my nerves left my mind as I followed him into my undeniable future.

Here's the deal. None of us were dating. In fact, Morgan and Cameron had never met. Cameron, by the way, was the slighty short, maybe cute boy. Me and Chris had known each other since I was three. Morgan was 13, as was I. Only she was a freshman and I was an 8th grader. Chris and Cameron were both sophomores, but at a different school than Morgan. Me and Chris had been together before and this was all very spontaneous. Our familes are friends and there was a picnic and we all three hung out and he had a friend over and one thing led to another and there we were. In his bedroom. Alone.

Morgan and I layed down on his bed, commenting on its extreme comfort. Chris sat in this office chair right next to the bed and Cameron sat in a recliner on the other side of the bed. Chris's room was actually quite small. And all four of us in the tiny space on a warm summer night made it warm. We all shed sweaters and sat around for a while. Chris and Cameron both got up, one shut off the light and Chris left to check on Alex. Morgan and I both spread out on this mysteriously comforting bed, taking up as much space as possible, just to mess with them. Chris came back and threatened me that if i didn't move, he'd lay on me. To my disappoinment, he was fibbing and actually just pushed me to the side.

After a few minutes, he invited Cameron to lay down and stop being creepy. Assuring him it would not be gay, Cameron layed down next to Chris...They soon realized just how gay this was and he quickly moved next to Morgan. It was about then that we realized what was about to go down. Morgan and Cameron would do their thing; me and Chris our's. Which we were both perfectly fine with.

Three hours later, we were all perfectly comfortable and not wanting to leave. But it was 3:30. We'd made a deal with my older sister to be home at 3. We were slightly late already. But me and Chris were not done making out and being with each other and Morgan didn't seem too reluctant with staying. Her and Cameron had no trouble going back to "sucking face" as Morgan loves to call it. For the next hour or so we all said our goodbyes and had our what we thought would be last kisses with one another. How little did we know?

By 4, we were sure Amanda would be freaking. So we said our final goodbyes and Chris decided it'd be better to use the backdoor. He led the way. In the backyard we found "bitch beer" as we call it. Technically it was green apple smirnoff. And who doesn't love a little smirnoff? So me and Morgan each helped ourselves. Causing my new boyfriend Chris to call us Alky's. Which I'm not totally against.

Chris held the fence open like a gentleman and I began to follow Morgan through when Chris grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. He pulled back and gave me a sweet, soft kiss.

"You taste like boos." Smile.

I love his smile. "Thank you!" Smile, again. I love this boy and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.

And with that realization, my best friend and I walked home in a daze. Trying not too forget the night we were walking away from. Trying to convince ourselves turning back was not an option.

I love him...what now?

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